Open-source software, security, privacy and musings on modern-day issues

Hi, I'm Alex.

I'm no stranger to starting up blogs. The curse of perfectionism has me taking far too much time deliberating how best to construct what I want to say, inevitably leaving the platform to collect dust. I plan to do things differently this time, changing the way I write in order to get more done. I want to essentially write for myself, so that I worry less about how others may read or view something I write. If I can leave this anxiety behind, I feel I can put more out there, and eventually I may have something I'm happy with.

Anyways, to the point! Here's what I plan on writing about:

  • Documenting my adventures in Linux, both on desktop and on the server. I believe this will enhance my own learning, encouraging me to fully understand the topic at hand. I use Linux as my daily driver, as well as run various Linux VMs on my home server, so I have plenty to document due to my little time using the operating system.

  • Encouraging the use of open-source software over closed-source, proprietary software, a model which gives greater transparency and helps battle against violations of privacy and security that we see so frequently today.

  • Analysing modern-day issues, political and economic systems around the globe, in order to better understand these topics myself, and give me something to refer to when debating with others.

  • Plenty of other random stuff, including things I find interesting and want to know more about by researching them and then writing about them.

I think this will do as an intro post. Not much but already feeling positive about it. Looking forward, one of the first posts I plan to make will be an analysis of WhatsApp, why it's no good, and what alternatives exist to replace its functionality. The reason I want to get this done soon is that I'm desperate to delete it, and want to explain my reasons for this in order to easily pass onto friends and family.

See you, Space Cowboy.