7 Predictions for Marvel Studios Reveals

Marvel Studios has an ever-growing list of projects in development, one that has expanded than ever recently with the addition of its Disney + series. Various production companies report new films and series every month. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person MCU announcements several times a year at events such as San Diego Comic-Con, the D23 Expo and Disney + Day.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, massive in-person events such as Comic-Con and D23 were put on the back burner in recent years. This paradigm shift has forced Marvel Studios to reposition its ads to online events such as the aforementioned Disney + Day and the Mouse House Investors Day.


Even as the biggest conventions in the world begin again this year for the first time in years, Disney will continue to continue its online celebrations, including Disney + Day.

When is Disney + Day 2022?

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Disney + Day 2022 was official announced will take place on September 8, just one day before the D23 Exposition begins on September 9.

The event was promoted by the Marvel Entertainment and Star Wars Twitter accounts, indicating the MCU and the far, far away will have a role to play in the festivities.


Disney + Day 2022
Disney +

Pinocchio will be released at Disney + on September 8 to coincide with the day, with the description of the trailer also promising that premieres of Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars and National Geographic will be confirmed. “in the coming months:”

The Disney + Day global celebration will return on Thursday, September 8, 2022, leading to D23 Expo: The Ultimate Disney Fan Event presented by Visa in Anaheim, CA. Festively, the streaming service will host special experiences for fans and subscribers, and will release new content from its brands.

In addition to “Pinocchio”, Disney + will announce additional Disney + Day premieres from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars and National Geographic in the coming months.

Disney + Day 2022 comes several months earlier than last year, which took place on November 12, probably to reconcile the celebration with the D23 Exposition.

What will Marvel Studios announce at Disney + Day?

Disney + Day 2021 has brought the first official announcements of Echo, Agatha: House of Harkness, Amazing Zombiesand X-Men ’97, in addition to footage from several upcoming series. The announcements and revelations were made with a 14-minute special, published exclusively on the streaming service.


The event would feature Marvel Studios the perfect outlet to announce any rumored projectsalong with second seasons of series like Moon Knight, Mrs. Marveland She-Hulk. Disney may be looking to book the D23 Exposition for its big-screen announcements, though the latest event has seen confirmation of three Disney + series.

As Disney mocks some Marvel premiere to coincide with Disney + Day, I’m Groot is perhaps the most likely candidate. Considering that the show is one of the smaller editions of the MCU and it may be too early to debut the Werewolf at night special before that time, the animated show led by Vin Diesel may be the perfect release for September 8th.

Groot, Bebo Groot

7 Predictions for Disney + Day’s Marvel Reveals

In addition to the possible fall of a new project, there are many announcements that Marvel Studios could bring on September 8th. Here are seven predictions about what might be shown:


1. Secret Invasion is the next Disney + series scheduled later She-Hulkand only provided a quick glimpse of footage from the previous Disney + Day. It is likely that the series will see a few more images this time, in addition to a more solid release window.

2. There is a good chance that Echo Will also see its first teaser, considering the show is well underway in filming and has has already shown his first glance through an official still. Maybe if Charlie Cox’s Daredevil is really in She-HulkA miracle could spill the beans on his involvement in the Alaqua Cox solo series.

3. La Werewolf at night Halloween Special should also receive brand new footage, in addition to an official title given the project is not expected to be named after its title character.


4. The Special Holiday of the Guardians of the Galaxy will be just around the corner also, which means Marvel will want to promote the festive feature ahead of the holiday season. This could indicate that fans will find out the exact date when they wake up to find the special under the Christmas tree that is Disney +, in addition to some new footage.

5. With the arrival of the rookie on the MCU coming shortly after Disney + Day, it may make sense for Riri Williams to get new footage to advertise her solo series. Iron heart.

6. With the perspective of Echo present in the ads, also probably that the MCUs Daredevil seriously will receive an official announcement and a title card. This could give some insight into which cast members will return from the Netflix series.


7. Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings Destiny director Daniel Cretton’s senseless Marvel series, widely circulated to be centered on the Ten Rings, could be another project to get his own title card, as it would be too early at this point to get any actual footage or teaser image.

Daredevil Disney +

There are many other Disney + series being developed at Marvel Studios that could also see some spot. What If …? Season 2, Okoyeand the senseless Wakanda seriously are almost confirmed to be in the works, making them the safe for September announcements. The animated show is also currently slated for release in 2022, so perhaps Marvel Studios could overshadow it. What If …?the second season premiere of Disney + Day to grow a craze for the series.

In addition to the series that have been reliably reported, there are many others spread, making them equally possible for ads. Several of these include Nomado, Ghost Rider, Secret Warriors, America Chavez, Young Avengersand Human Affairs.


Disney + Day 2022 takes place on September 8, with last year’s Marvel Studios special premiere at 9 p.m. ET.

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