A mixed-rule attack proposed for Tyson Fury against Francis Ngannou heavyweight collision

Former Fury teammate Tom Aspinall, one of the UFC’s top heavyweights, came up with the idea of ​​an attack where new rules are implemented in different rounds that have been tested at ONE FC.

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Tyson Fury firm on retirement after victory over Dillian Whyte

Tyson Fury is expected to face Francis Ngannou in a mixed rule fight where rules change between rounds, according to his former training partner Tom Aspinall.

The world heavyweight champions met in the ring after Fury’s last title defense against Dillian Whyte last month, and seemed to agree on a crossover fight that won’t happen according to standard boxing rules. Fury said he would be willing to wear MMA gloves that are less than half the size of boxing drops, but keep relatively standard boxing rules.

However, his friend Aspinall thinks he should use rules similar to the one carried out in the recent mixed wrestling of MMA legend Demetrious Johnson with Muay Thai fighter Rodtang Jitmuangnon earlier this year in ONE Championship. There, rules changed from MMA to Muay Thai between rounds, with Johnson winning the second, or first under MMA rules.

Of course, Fury would not agree to do a five-minute MMA round with Ngannou. But Aspinall has suggested a battle where after each round Ngannou survives, he gets a new tool to add to his arsenal.

Tyson Fury and Francis Ngannou both want a crossover fight



Asked by Sky Sports As for what should be in place for the super-fight, Aspinall replied: “Little gloves, sure, and five-minute rounds, that would certainly make it a little the same.

“I think they should only do first round boxing. Second round, maybe, boxing and low kicks. And third round, I don’t know, boxing, low kicks, and clinching. I think something like that would do it a little more. even. ”

Going under the full rules of the sport of both men would offer an essentially insurmountable advantage to the domestic fighter, as stated in previous crossovers. Randy Couture immediately introduced James Toney at their UFC meeting, meanwhile Floyd Mayweather did a relatively easy job of Conor McGregor when they boxed.

But both Ngannou and Fury have some experience in each other’s respective sports. The Cameroonian initially moved to France to pursue a career as a championship boxer, while Aspinall insists the Briton has struggled with him before and has an interest in the other arts.

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“I struggled with him [Fury] before, ”explained Aspinall. “He’s interested in it. So, I know he’s done a lot of wrestling, a bit of kicking, and all that. He’s been down in our gym training with Darren Till before, doing kicks on the pads and all that stuff. So, he certainly has an interest in it. I don’t know. I’d like to see it, though. ”

Aspinall is also looking for Ngannou, and could be as close as two fights away from a shot at the world title. He faces No.4-ranked Curtis Blaydes in London on July 23, while he currently holds the No.6 spot after racing into contention in the UFC heavyweight division.

However, as his contract dispute rages with the promotion, Ngannou may have left the UFC by the time Aspinall is ready for his title opportunity. The champion will also soon be battling regardless of his contract status due to his recovery after knee surgery.

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