AEW’s top wrestler, Dirty Dwayne Johnson, suffers a major embarrassing moment on National Television

Dwayne Johnson’s upcoming WWE Hall of Fame, also known as The Rock, has been popular with fans for ages. Not only is Dwayne Johnson the “People’s Champion,” but he’s also WWE boss Vince McMahon’s best guy!


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With The Rock at every marquee of WWE shows back in 2012, a former WWE superstar, aka the newly crowned AEW World Champion CM Punk, had a major beef with him. Before leaving Vince McMahon’s company, CM Punk disapproved of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson for being the main star.


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Recently, CM Punk climbed the top of the mountain at AEW Double or Nothing PPV. He defeated Hangman Page to become the AEW World Champion. However, CM Punk suffered embarrassment at this PPV when he messed up (messed up) several times.

Watch ridiculous bugs from CM Punk in the latest episode of AEW Dynamite!

Today CM Punk did not take a vacation because the new Champion was back in action on the AEW Dynamite. Well, after putting the punches on AEW Double or Nothing, Punk went through three punches again on national TV tonight.

In the last edition of the AEW Dynamite, Punk tagged alongside ROH & AAA World Tag Team Champions FTR to face off against Max Caster and Gunn Club. During this match, CM Punk dived three hilarious blunders that were confusing to watch.

First, ‘Best in the World’ tried a jump rope; however, he tripped on the top rope and leaned away. The AEW commentator acknowledged Punk’s failure as “slipping from the top rope.” Then, CM Punk went for a droppick on one of the members of Gunn Club. But, the AEW World Champion failed to make a throw because the kick did not touch the opponent’s body.

In the final moments of the match, CM Punk delivered a power bomb to Austin Gunn. But the power bomb was supposed to land on Billy Gunn. Punk was unable to land the power bomb maneuver on Billy Gunn, and the member of The Gunn Club had just fallen on the spring mattress.

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Fortunately, CM Punk and FTR won the demo match against The Gunn Club and Max Caster despite the hysterical blunders. Who would have thought that ‘Best in the World’ would put itself in such a clumsy position?

The coup taking revenge between Dwayne Johnson and CM Punk!

When Punk was in WWE, he had unmistakably exceptional advertising skills, sharp delivery, and incredible in-ring wrestling moves. CM Punk rose to prominence because he was productive between the strings and on microphones.

Punk, who is known for his rebellious tricks, had a problem with Dwayne. “The RockJohnson soaked up all his glory on his return to the WWE in 2012.

At the time of Punk’s shooting, he named The Rock as “a ** kiss.” This hit from “Best in the World” was described in more depth during an interview with Mark Madden on the Pitsburg radio show.

Punk mentioned, “I have no personal problems with Dwayne. It’s very frustrating to be here and watch a guy come in and get credit for a WrestleMania purchase rate when he did nothing on the show. He certainly didn’t do anything fun. There’s a line he crossed once when I think that he is as out of touch as the Vince McMahons and everyone else. “


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The AEW World Champion sarcastically called Dwayne Johnson and his ideas old. However, Punk also noticed that someday, hopefully, a youthful version of CM Punk would appeal to him when his ideas might become curious.


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