Amber Heard’s lawyer Elaine Bredehoft spotted crying after trial, Internet says “you did a wonderful job”

Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard case ended on Friday, May 27, when both legal teams presented their closing arguments. Although Heard has not received any sympathy, love, or support online, her lawyer’s case is a horse of a different color. Elaine Bredehoft was reportedly spotted crying on the last day of the trial. Netizens expressed nothing but sympathy for her.

Saturday, May 28, Twitter user @jamesfromcourt disclosed how he was given a chance to look at the case in the court in Virginia, Fairfax. He informed members of the case that when the trial was over and the jury went home, Bredehoft was seen going to the toilet when she shed a few tears.


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Jamesfromcourt also added that viewers of the test tried to “make her laugh” after she came out of the toilet. In the next tweet, he said, “We don’t know why she was crying, but we all realized how hard it must be for her to deal with all this public attention while defending. customer she probably doesn’t like it, and who constantly abuses her. “

Why did Elaine Bredehoft cry?

Bredehoft had more than his fair share of difficulties when it came to the libel lawsuit. Because the lawsuit was live-sent, Amber Heard’s lawyer was constantly and incessantly mocked on social media in the form of gifs. During this time, Johnny Depp’s lawyer Camille Vasquez asked questions and handled situations in a fairly clever way. The test even reached a point where Bredehoft could not utter a single word. In addition, it was reported that when cameras did not roll, Heard got into a fight with her in the courtroom.

Netizens think it is unfortunate for a successful lawyer like Bredehoft to have her reputation so tarnished after she simply did her job of representing her client and fighting for her. However, because the internet abhors her client, naturally, it has also passed over to her. On the other hand, some believe that Bredehoft was just crying because she was relieved the six-week trial was coming to an end.

One said, “#ElaineBredehoft Don’t cry! We all know how much you’ve been through this process, especially for being verbally abused by #AmberTurd trying to do your best with the information you have. We don’t. It’s your fault, we It’s her fault. Stand up for yourself when this is over! “

Another thought, “Why is EB crying? Is the trial over? #ElaineBredehoft”

This user said, “Elaine, we can all see and appreciate your hard work! You are a protective and loyal soul, like a mother. You have done your job (the hardest job in the world to be bold) for the last few weeks! People see everything, please don’t cry. We’re with you. “

This user explained, “You did a wonderful job! Please don’t cry, the world knows you were hired to do work and make a living. We know you’re not a bad person. All these memes are all just in a hood. Fun, that’s how young people communicate. “

“After reading about her #ElaineBredehoft crying, I only wish her the best! Just because working for a bad client doesn’t mean she’s bad! I can’t imagine the stress and maybe the mental and emotional abuse she suffered. I hope “She’s not being attacked because she’s an AH lawyer,” said another.

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