As Ellettsville tries to fix his notorious flood problem

Zach Kortea has lived in Ellettsville for about four years but his place is still packed in plastic containers and his walls are bare.

It’s not that he hasn’t unpacked, but rather he can’t predict the next time his downtown apartment will flood, displacing him and damaging his belongings. He is moving soon, and the flood was a factor in that decision.

“You have your whole life piled up in boxes as if you were moving,” Kortea said. “But really you’re just trying to find this again so you don’t lose anything.”

New urban development plans are in the works, and a way to control the flooding problem is intertwined within other beautification and growth efforts. Efforts to curb this environmental problem may begin later this year.

Almost a year after the Kirkwood flood: Meteorologist: Deadly 18/19 June Bloomington storms were once in a century event

La See Ellettsville Vision Plan, which was introduced to the community last week, maps the potential housing and business growth of the community. Revitalizing the city center, one of the target areas for improvement, depends on controlling the often unexpected and burdensome flooding issues.

“Flooding is a major challenge for downtown business owners but not because of the physical damage it could do but because flood insurance is so expensive,” the plan reads. “Most small businesses can’t afford it, so they can’t locate downtown.”

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