Atom Computing Acquires $ 60M Series B to Build Second-Generation Quantum Computer Systems

“Atom Computing designed and built our first-generation machine, Phoenixin less than two years and our team was the fastest to deliver a 100-kbit system, “he said Rob Hays, CEO and President, Atom Computing. “We have gained valuable insights from the system and demonstrated the technology. The investment announced today is accelerating business opportunities and we look forward to bringing this to market.”

With this new level of investment, the company will turn its focus to developing much larger systems that are required to operate business use cases with paradigm shifting computing efficiency.

“We’ve seen a huge amount of investor interest in what many are beginning to believe is a more promising way to scale quantum computers – neutral atoms. Our technological advances and this investment give us the go-ahead to continue our focus on delivering the most scalable. and reliable quantum computers, “Hays added.

Curtis McKee, A partner at Third Point Ventures, will join the Board of Directors. Curtis brings an abundance of expertise in IT, security and business development to the company.

“Atom Computing’s project approach with neutral atoms is particularly differentiated and has explosive potential to outperform competitors in the quantum race,” he said. Curtis McKee, Partner at Third Point Ventures. “They bring together a unique combination of best-in-class executive and quantum engineering teams. We look forward to working with them as they lead the next era of computing.”

“Quantum computing will impact billions of lives, revolutionizing everything from drug discovery and financial modeling, to predicting climate change and developing new, life-changing materials,” he said. Gaetano Crupi, Partner at Prime Movers Lab. “We’ve closely tracked this technology and believe we’ve found the right equipment and access to scalable quantum computers with Atom Computing.”

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At Atom Computing, we are the biggest fans of our customers during the journey of discovery. We are obsessed with creating the most scalable and reliable quantum computers in the world — so companies and researchers have the computing power they need for life-changing successes. By using atomic spin quits made up of neutral atoms, we are on the fastest and easiest way to make quantum real. Learn more at atom-computing.comand continue our journey further LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook.

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