BBC Bargain Hunt: Catherine Southon faces demands for “ban” on smoking viewers

Fans of BBC One Day show Bargain Hunt were left smoking by a professional antiques expert breaking an object – after her team paid for it. In celebration of Her Majesty’s upcoming Platinum Jubilee, today’s episode (May 31) was filmed at Exeter’s Westpoint Arena, and featured many royal memorabilia – but not all were celebrated.

The Red Team of the episode that originally aired in May 2019, consisted of a couple Tina and Dennis, who were assisted by Philip Serrell, while friends Jordan and Jack put on the blue. Discount hunting downs and was assisted by Catherine Southon. But some viewers argued that the latter expert should be “banned” from the show, after causing the blue team to lose a large amount of money at Westpoint Arena.

After pulling out a pair of new kangaroo napkins and a clothing box complete with a built-in sovereign handle, the Blue Team stayed just a few minutes on the clock to buy a last item for auction when they found a merchant selling an antique bird. scarecrow. The couple managed to buy the scarecrow for £ 65, and shook hands with the dealer before things went terribly wrong.

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Catherine did not test the scarecrow before it was purchased, and decided, unlike her peers, to try it on after buying it. Although Catherine was preparing for the loud noise as she waved the scarecrow, she was not ready for the antique to burst, with part of it flying on the floor.

“Oh my god!” She exclaimed, “Oh great, why did that happen? What did I do?”

“I mean, I’ve done what you have to do. I can’t believe this; this is the worst thing that has ever happened.”

Bargain Hunt fans have demanded that Catherine Southon be removed from the show

After Catherine broke the object, the salesman tried to save the day. He said: “We could fix it, we have a very good workshop. If I say so [it will cost] £ 20, if it costs more, then I’ll make up the difference, but we’ll fix it. “

Unfortunately, the day could not be saved. After paying £ 85 for the item and its restoration, Jack and Jordan received just £ 45 at auction for the scarecrow, and made a total loss across all four items, including Catherine’s extra £ 98.

Although Jack and Jordan seemed to take the loss well enough, angry Bargain Hunt fans later demanded that Catherine be removed from the show. Andy Gibson wrote: “Catherine Southon should be banned from @BBCBargainHunt after breaking an object she clearly doesn’t regret. That’s someone’s livelihood and she’s making jokes as it doesn’t matter. Anyone else would be made to pay a full price. “

Westpoint Arena

He then added: “I feel bad for the blue team because I want them to lose because of Catherine Southon. Maybe @BBCBargainHunt can have them again at a later date with an expert who won’t break things.”

Meanwhile, others argued that the team should not have been made to pay the repair bill. Carl Draper said: “The team should not suffer because of the stupid expert breaking the object.”

DJ Fyne added: “The £ 20 repair fee should have been dropped as it wasn’t the team’s fault.”

Sure enough, Catherine looked upset after breaking the bell, and offered to take Jack and Jordan for food or beer to make up for her mistake. The Red Team finally took the Bargain Hunt crown, after making a profit of £ 35, even after disapproving of their extra purchase.

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