Channel 4 The Bridge: A Newquay student is the youngest contestant on this year’s series

Student of Newquay will appear on Channel 4’s Bridge for the first time tonight competing for a life-changing sum of money. Lotti O’Brien, now 21, is currently reading Journalism at City, University of London but has decided to submit his name for the competition – which offers a prize pot of £ 200,000 for the winner.

This year’s series sees 16 contestants face the challenge of building a bridge across 1,000 feet of water in just 12 days on the islands of Ha Long Bay, Vietnam.

Speaking of CornwallLiveshe said: “I saw the app and it said ‘tropical paradise adventure – make a living change money’, and that was enough for me to register. Honestly, we weren’t told a single thing from that point. until we got into the show.”

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Lotti and the other contestants were given a list before the show they had to complete in preparation – such as vaccinations and a pack list – but the location was kept a mystery until the last moment.

“My parents were really helpful but everyone thought I was crazy because I didn’t even know where I was flying until I got to the airport. We knew absolutely nothing, but everything was legitimate because we talked to the producers and everything.”

Lotti is part of the North Beach team this series
Lotti is part of the North Beach team this series

She continued: “I’m a very non-think-of-it-just-do-person person. I’m lucky enough that I didn’t really feel too nervous, but luckily we were able to talk to psychologists before we went on the show. to make sure we were okay enough to do it. We had support all the time. We never really feel nervous or anything. “

The entire team stayed in Vietnam for a month in January this year with one week of quarantine on arrival and 12 days of filming on the island in total. “Vietnam was actually in the lock, so we were locked in a hotel without contact with anyone. We couldn’t leave the room, which was pretty scary,” she recalled.

She continued: “I just thought ‘why not, I’m young only once’ and I’m going to go on this wonderful adventure and try to make some money.” Lotti is the youngest on the show by quite a margin at 20 years old while filming.

There are two people a few years older but the majority of the contestants are between their late 20s and 30s, with the oldest being 52 years old. This meant that each person was able to bring their own skills to the table in each team, Lottie explained.

She was only 20 years old at the time of filming

Season 2 of the Channel 4 show sees the contestants divided into two teams – North Beach and South Beach – who join forces to build a bridge over water. TV presenter AJ Odudu and an adventurer Aldo Kane will be overseeing the challenges in Ha Long Bay, replacing X-Men star James McAvoy as the show’s narrator.

The prize pool has risen from £ 100,000 to £ 200,000 this year and whoever gets the money first can decide whether to keep it for themselves or to share it with their teammates.

“I made friends with people I may never have been friends with on the outside world. It was very difficult because other people had more knowledge and experience in certain aspects of the show than I did just because of age.”

When asked what the experience meant to her, Lotti said: “It was definitely a once in a lifetime experience and not often one has the chance to live on an uninhabited island in Vietnam for 12 days. That in itself is a memory for life. .

“I came away from the show with really great friends. Well, some great friends, you’ll have to see,” she laughed.

The Bridge is shown on Channel 4 at 10 a.m. on Tuesdays and Wednesdays for the next four weeks and will be available to fully stream after tonight’s show on All4.

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