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Crisis for Toyah and Abi as they learn their respective fates (Image: ITV)

Life was not kind Toyah Battersby (Georgia Taylor) and Abi Webster (Sally Carman) from late and next week’s episodes of Coronation Street will accumulate more pressure on them.

Leanne (Jane Danson) supports her sister at Imran’s funeral, but after a stressful and emotional day, Toyah makes a decision and decides to unload DS Swaine.

Meanwhile, Abi faces the hearing to see if she will get custody of Alfie but after an explosion, did she ruin her chances?

And what is the relationship with a familiar face, Wendy Crozier (Roberta Kerr)?

Monday, June 13th

Toyah faces a difficult day – but Swain watches (Image: ITV)

Swain brings pain

Imran’s funeral takes place and Toyah makes a sincere eulogy, saying how she wishes Imran had survived the car accident not her. Adam and Alya look skeptical.

With the funeral over, Peter tells Toyah about Adam’s accusation and how the police recently questioned him about Susie and her desperation for a baby. Toyah calls at the police station and tells DS Swain that there are things they need to talk about.

As Brian talks about the new life he has planned for them in Cornwall, Evelyn can see that Cathy is not as enthusiastic and tells Brian that he needs a more romantic approach. When Brian suggests Cathy get married, how will she react?

As Asha and Amy tear a strip of Summer for her treatment of Aadi, Aaron assures her that he is there for her as a friend. Summer is affected.

Phill breaks the news to Fiz that the whole house needs wiring because it’s a death trap. When Tyrone suggests that Fiz and the girls move in No.9 while the work is being arranged, Phill calculates that it is for the best.

As Gail looks at all the empty wine bottles in the recycling bin, she confides in Shona that she’s worried that Audrey is drinking too much.

Wednesday, June 15

Will Brian put a ring on it? Cathy has doubts (Image: ITV)


Evelyn advises Cathy to come to terms with her doubts, but instead Cathy tells Brian that in response to his question, she would like to marry him. Brian is thrilled.

Leanne calls at the police station, desperate for news of Toyah, determined to support her sister. Toyah makes it clear that she did not intend to kill Imra or herself and she will not lie to that effect.

Abi learns that she has to apply for custody of Alfie again and the hearing is tomorrow. After a call from the social worker, a discouraged Abi tells Kevin that the best she can hope for is custody of Alfie but under the supervision of a babysitter.

As Audrey searches the cupboards for wine, Shona admits that Gail hid it.

When Phill reveals that his mother can attend their wedding after all and would like to be involved in the preparations, Fiz puts her foot down and claims she can come to the wedding, but that’s where it ends.

Friday, June 17th

Abi is waiting for the decision – but her robbery could cost her (Image: ITV)

Driving Abi Crozier

As Debbie begs Kevin to think carefully before confronting Alfie, Jack overhears how Kevin had an affair with Molly behind Tyrone’s back, resulting in his birth.

Jack struggles to make ends meet but wishes Abi and Kevin good luck at the hearing. In the courtroom waiting room, Abi slags from the legal system to a woman nearby.

With the custody hearing about to begin, the judge takes her seat. Abi is horrified to realize that it is the woman she met in the waiting room! Believing she had missed any opportunity she had, Abi listens as the city attorney lists her failures as a mother and recommends that Alfie stay in care. Is Abi ready to lose Alfie again?

The judge orders that Alfie be placed with Abi in a mother and baby care facility where she will be assessed. Abi is introduced to Wendy Papadapoulos, their babysitter. When Abi reveals she is from Coronation Street, Wendy keeps her counseling.

Brian tells Cathy that despite everything, he doesn’t want to lose her and he has placed an offer on a house in Cornwall in the hopes that she will come with him. Trying to hide her doubts, will Cathy agree?

The Platts cursed? It’s no surprise (Image: ITV)

Where Shona wants to relax, David returns home to find incense burning and Shona flat on her back while Bernie manages crystals. When Bernie collects an ornament that Gail has brought back from Thailand and advises them to get rid of it because it is responsible for all the negative energy in the house, David’s skeptical but Shona realizes she is on to something. Will Gail agree? David gives Max some cash, tells him he deserves a treat and should take Sonya out for dinner.

Debbie confronts Nick and Leanne and reveals that there is a £ 4k missing from the business account.

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