Depp v Heard: The Internet hates Amber Heard more than Putin

Come back! Come back! It’s the last day of the celebrity circus process! Get your seats while you can. Celebrate your eyes Amber Heardthe tears of and Captain Jack Sparrow’s confused laughter! Exactly: after six seemingly endless weeks, the Depp vs Heard trial is finally over.

Today, lawyers from both teams will make their final statements before the jury will reconsider its decision. However whoever wins the case, it seems clear that Johnny Depp won the day.

Pre-trial, Depp’s star appeared to be fading. His reputation was tarnished by claims of lateness and substance addiction and his box office appeal was tarnished by a series of failures. So, after a decade of serving turkeys and reportedly wasting his $ 650 million fortune, Depp used the television trial to show film studios that he still has it. He is still at the box office.

He has a considerable, loyal fan base who were mobilized and reinforced by the libel lawsuit – and they are ready to excuse, overlook, reject or ignore even the most grotesque behavior of the star.

And, no matter what social media has to say about Amber HeardThe evidence showed that because of all Depp’s public joy – a handshake with all the police officers outside the courtroom and his humorous sides towards the photographer – privately he can be quite bad.

Only the text messages would be enough to end the career of anyone other than our stiff hero. What about his text to former talented agent Christian Carino “I’m so happy she wants to fight that !!! She’s going to hit the wall hard !!! And I can’t wait to have this waste of ac-consumer out of my life! !! I have no pity, no fear and not even an ounce of emotion, or what I once thought was love for this orphanage, low level, ten dozen, hollow, aimless hanging abused flappy fish market, I met a sublime little Russian. here.

But this was not Johnny talking, his fans declare. This was his pain. His deep, dark pain. Amber Heard pushed him to every terrible deed, every vile behavior, every offensive word.

A social media judge and jury presented their verdict before the case even began and Depp was innocent. Innocent as a lamb. A cute, vulnerable little mouth-watering, misogynistic lamb. And his retinue made him proud. Lots of supporters are waiting all day – even dressed like thrushes. Yes, you read that right – shout for Depp as he comes and goes. The same crowds hecke Heard during her arrival and departure. Everything. Day.

Anyone who uses social media will know this Depp supporters also subjected Heard to an ongoing campaign of internet abuse. Yesterday, during her counter-testimony, Heard told the jury what she had experienced. “I am harassed, humiliated, threatened, every day … even just entering this courtroom … sitting here in front of the world … having the worst parts of my life, things I have experienced, used to humiliate me. People want to kill me and they tell me that every day. People want to put my baby in the microwave and they tell me that. ”

Heard’s harassment also means she is isolated. Depp’s supporters will harang anyone who relates to her. Witnesses testifying for her about the case were bombarded with negative business reviews and insulted through social media.

The hashtags #AmberHeardisapsychychath #AmberHeardisanabuser and #AmberHeardisaliar were trending for the duration of the test. Social media hasn’t seen so much hatred since… well, forever. War criminals guilty of atrocities do not get as much vitriol. Serial killers and rapists are not at the acceptable end of so much poison.

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Don’t tell me that’s because Heard deserves all the malice and disgust that has arisen against her because she’s ruined. Johnny Deppthe life of. Depp laughs. Literally. He smiled, mocked, mocked and boasted throughout the trial – as well as his legal team. A British court has already found that Depp attacked Heard – so why do his supporters think they know better? At least the #WeJustDon’tLikeYouAmber hashtag is honest in its bullying.

Whatever she suffered during her relationship with Depp, Heard is now enduring abuse from thousands of people. That much is indisputable. And it is unforgivable. Ten years from now we’ll be seeing documentaries and accompanying angry hashtags about Heard’s horrific treatment and wondering why we allowed it to happen.

In the meantime, let’s rather laugh at those selves mocking Heard’s testimony while we can, soon enough her treatment will be seen as it is: shameful.

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