Devin Haney suggests George Kambosos Jr.’s weaknesses and vows to bring undisputed title back to father in America Boxing News

Devin Haney is a man with a plan, but one he doesn’t want to share yet, as he vows to exploit holes found in George Kambosos Jr. and return to America as the undisputed lightweight world champion next month.

The 23-year-old wears his mantra “anyone, anytime, anywhere” to Melbourne on June 5, when the WBC champion seeks to dethrone the current WBA, IBF and WBO belt owner in the Ferocious Kambosos of Australia.

It is expected to be the biggest night of what remains of a young, yet experienced career for the undefeated Haney (27-0) coming from the back of unanimous decision wins against Jorge Linares and, more recently, Joseph Diaz.

Kambosos (20-0) makes his Australian comeback stunned the boxing world by becoming a united champion with a win over Teófimo López, who beat Vasiliy Lomachenko the previous year.

“This opportunity means everything to me, this is the Super Bowl of the light division, the biggest fight in the light division, this means everything and I will take full advantage of it,” Haney said. said Sky Sports.

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Devin Haney plans to use his lightning-fast hands as he faces united champion George Cambosos Jr. live at Sky Sports.

“There are a lot of ways, there are a lot of holes and different ways we can beat him, but the one game plan we have, we really feel like it’s going to work.

“But you never know until you get into the ring. We’re ready for whatever he brings to the table, what we’re ready for and I can’t wait.

“Obviously, if you watch him enough, you can see the habits and the things they do. Of course he has holes, of course he has bad habits, I’ll look to show him.

“I won’t sit here and tell him exactly the holes I see, what would be the meaning of that? I’ll keep it for a night of fighting and then after a night of fighting you can ask me how I executed the holes.”

Haney is set to enter the fight without Father Bill in his corner due to issues of obtaining a visa to travel to Australia as a result of a 1992 criminal drug conviction.

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George Kambosos Jr. has a style that could cause trouble for Devin Haney when they collide in a huge unified lightweight contest.

Yoel Judah, father of former world heavyweight champion Zab Judah, will now lead Haney’s team during the fight.

“What can we do? We have to make the best of it. He’s not here but he’s installed in me what I have to do,” Haney said.

“My father can’t fight for me, he can’t go in there and fight George Kambosos. We’ll take the belts home and show my dad after the fight.”

Kambosos Jr meanwhile seized on Haney’s father’s absence as an opportunity to fuel their rivalry, suggesting to local media “excuses” be made if his opponent were to stand second best.

Haney is not confused. In fact, he encouraged the 28-year-old to continue the fight.

“He can try to think for me whatever he wants, do it, go for it, keep thinking for me, talk for me,” Haney said. “All I’m concentrating on is getting the win. I’m not thinking of any excuses.

“I will let the world praise me and I will be unquestionable and it will be a good result for me, so I don’t think of any excuses or anything other than winning the battle.

“I like his approach. He doesn’t do anything but sell the fight. That’s what he does. He wants to have a sales arena, he wants to have as many eyeballs as possible in the fight and he’s doing a great job. I want him to keep doing it.”

Haney says he’s been acclimatizing quickly and smoothly since his arrival downstairs, and intends to show his credentials to the world at Marvel Stadium in less than a fortnight. He is ready, and hopes the same can be said of Cambodians.

“Bring your A-game, I’ll bring mine for the best man to win in front of the fans for all belts for the true undisputed king,” Haney said. “Be ready, for I come for everything.”

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