Disney Issues Apology After Internet Goes Wild Due to Disneyland Employee Who Ruined Couple’s Proposal

The happiest place on Earth has simply become much less miserable in the most terrible way possible – so much so that Disney itself issues an apology on behalf of a total failure of proposal within one of its parks.

Reddit per u / wasgehtlan

Reddit per u / wasgehtlan

Video went viral during the weekend that showed a man courting his girlfriend in front of the castle of Sleeping Beauty in Paris. The man falls on one knee while his girlfriend raises her hands in shock and joy taking in the moment before it is absolutely ruined.

In the clip, a Disney employee can be seen jumping between the happy couple and grabbing the man’s ring, sparking confusion. He hurries down the stairs of the castle platform where the man follows him and asks for the ring back.

The video was originally posted on Reddit of a man who claims to be best friends with the man who proposed, and was later reinstated and divided across channels and platforms, of al to even Instagram.

Many weighed in with a comment on what happened but were surprisingly divided among the Twitter sphere, with some claiming the employee’s behavior was justified while others express that the employee ruined a life-changing moment between the couple.

On the original Reddit threadthe man who posted the video claimed that his friend asked permission from another employee to forward with the proposal, although the man did not buy Disney’s “Proposal Photograph” package which is an additional $ 149 plus the cost of admission to the park, according to one Reddit user.

However, on the Disney website, it exists no choice for international offer packages or fees, only package options in California, Florida (Disneyworld), Hawaii and Disney Cruise Lines.

Although the Disney Standards of documentation that is publicly available does not directly address what an employee is intended to do in this given situation, the company makes a general statement about caring for guests.

“Proclaiming the health, safety and well-being of our guests and customers is a critical responsibility – one that should never be ignored, minimized or sacrificed. All of us share the responsibility to help make guests safe and secure.” documentation reads. “Do your part to meet our high standards, whether you design, build, operate or maintain the attractions, products or facilities of our Companies.”

The company, however, publicly responded to the incident with a statement given to Newsweek lamenting the behavior of employees.

“We’re sorry how this was treated,” Disney said a spokesman said to the outlet. “We apologized to the couple involved and offered to correct it.”

It is unclear whether or not the employee involved will face disciplinary action.

Entrepreneur contacted Disney for an explanation and further comment on the incident.

Disney was almost down 40% in a one-year period since Tuesday afternoon.

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