Fans of ITV Coronation Street are discovering a new culprit who is not Toyah after spotting interesting details.

There was more drama on the pebbles on Thursday night as news of Imran Habeeb’s accident and shock death made its way through Weatherfield. Earlier this week Crown Street viewers saw the lawyer suffer a cardiac arrest after being involved in a car accident with his new wife Toyah.

The full extent of what happened in the lead up to the horrific crash remains a mystery but during the latest release of the ITV soap, fans were reassured when Abi and Kevin Webster were released from the police station after being suspected of causing the accident.

But that only came after Kelly Neelan, Imran and Toyah’s former foster daughter, paid Toyah a visit to plead Abi’s case and told the newlywed that her husband was preparing to confess to all his crimes when it came to getting custody of his son, Alife. , which he spawned after a one-night stand with former drug addict Abi.

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Where Toyah claims Imran didn’t tell her anything, an upset Kelly left the hospital and went straight to the police station where she told them everything she knew about Imran’s lies to get custody of her son and how he told her that he was one of them. a way to reveal everything to Toyah before they crash.

Now there are plenty of suspicions that Toyah is hiding something and that her now-deceased husband may have told her everything while they were driving home after it was confirmed that she did not attempt to use the brakes on the car before plugging into a building covered in. a scaffolding that later collapsed when Imran became a hero and dragged Toyah to safety.

Imran tragically died at the scene

And Corrie fans quickly praised Kelly. @ MJ_JJ061215 tweeted: “It’s time for Kelly (@ MillieGibson01) to tell the truth to the police. So glad Abi and Kevin were released without charge. Abi just needs Alfie back now.” @ Momrocks50 wrote: “Good girl Kelly telling the truth to help Abi #corrie.”

@ j_raff2021 commented: “Bravo Kelly Neelan. You’re saving Kevin and Abi from going to jail. @ MillieGibson01 #Corrie.” @CxxPIPxx said, “Kelly’s rescue is coming, eh #Corrie.” Suzanne Carrigan added on Facebook: “In the last few months, Kelly has certainly gone from zero to a hero! Love her.”

But some soap observers also think that Toyah may well be innocent and that there is another culprit after they spotted a very interesting detail. Iron-eyed Corrie fans spotted a car near the crash site but it drove off just as Imran pulled his wife out of the wreckage – and they think a paralyzed Ben may have something to do with it.

Paralegal Ben lied to Imran in court about Abi

@ src1987 said, “No, I think it’s the guy who Imran had to lie to him. Did anyone else see the gray / silver car stop and drive away when it crashed.” @ janetbeaman6 echoed: “There was a car in the background, I’m sure it slowed down and then drove off.” To which @ angc681 replied, “Yes, I saw that. I think the boy who lied to Imran has something to do with it.”

Jackie Webb wrote on Facebook: “The young boy Imran hired. Did no one notice that the car was going up and down after the crash, then turning around and driving away again … before the emergency services arrived?” @ lucystevenson22 tweeted: “Ben killed imran sure #Corrie.”

@ Charlotte_K13 asked: “Did anyone notice that black car driving right near where the crash happened? #Corrie.” @floweroflondon added: “Ben is the most likely candidate, but what did Hope do? #Corrie.”

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