Game of Thrones star Kit Harington gets the following lead movie

Game of Thrones and Lords star Kit Harington has landed his next lead film role.

According to VariousHarington is set to star in an upcoming action thriller titled Blood for Dust this will be directed by Rod Blackhurst. FargoScoot McNairy and Josh Lucas will also join him.

The film’s premise follows former friends Cliff (McNairy), a travel salesman struggling to make ends meet, and Ricky (Harington), a wealthy illegal arms dealer who accidentally bump into each other. Hoping to make some quick money to alleviate his money problems, Cliff agrees to partner with the volatile Ricky on a risky job for John (Lucas), and an American cartel leader expanding supplies of drugs and guns across the border.

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Reluctantly, Cliff agrees to modify his multi-vehicle vehicle to carry drugs across the border, but things soon turn ugly when a seemingly simple exchange goes awry. Caught in a violent battle with a rival cartel, Cliff is forced to face the harsh reality of his new life.

This film was written by David Ebeltoft, from a story co-written by Blackhurst and Ebeltoft, while Noah Lang, Mark Fasano and Bernard Kira were producers.

Blackhurst expanded a little more on the film and also expressed his gratitude to Harington and the rest of the cast for their dedication to that project.

“While Blood For Dust is a story born of the realities of our times, it is also a throbbing thriller about family, pain, greed, mobile defibrillators, the American dream and its contradictions in it, “Blackhurst said in a statement.

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“I’m so grateful to be in the trenches with Scoot McNairy, Kit Harington and Josh Lucas – all of them fathers, like myself, working to care for our families while anxiously wondering what the future holds for us.” this parable of America. ”

In addition to starring (and winning an Emmy nomination for) Game of ThronesHarington recently appeared in Wonderful‘s Lordswhile McNairy appeared in Argo, Gone Girl and Narcissuses: Mexico. Lucas’ credits are included Sweet Home Alabama, Undertow and Ford v Ferrari.

Blood For Dust has no release date yet.

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