Gentleman Jack series 2 ending explained

Mr. Jack series two spoilers follow.

The question of “whether or not” hangs over Anne Lister (Suranne Jones) and Anne Walker (Sophie Rundle) during season one of Mr. Jack was answered with a resounding yes: yes, they would and they did.

Naturally it would be easy to imagine them in the unconventional (for the times) happily-ever-after phase of life, but that is based on a true story and reality dictates that it be “after” to fight.

Ann Walker’s move to Shibden Hall was not an easy one. Nor have their efforts to merge their assets when Ann’s attempts to share the Crow Nest estate are blocked by her brother-in-law Captain Sutherland (Derek Riddle).

More strained for their relationship was Anne’s affair with ex-lover Mariana (Lydia Leonard).

Their insidious one-time encounter was like a bubbling undercurrent waiting to erupt.

Will Ann and Anne be able to keep their storybook love story?

Mr. Jack ending explained

Suranne Jones as Anne Lister and Sophie Rundle as Ann Walker in Mr Jack for the BBC


Ann Walker’s attempts to share the Crow Nest estate bequeathed to her and her sister Elizabeth (Katherine Kelly) came to a head. Elizabeth may have been too happy (or forced) to give up ownership of her share of the land to her husband but Ann is determined not to be bullied.

Their back-and-forth correspondence has done nothing but anger both parties and ultimately Captain Sutherland and Elizabeth are forced to make the trip to Yorkshire to settle the matter.

Despite his outward appearance of kindness, Captain Sutherland intends to discredit Ann by claiming that the “vulnerable” Miss Walker was forced by Anne into sharing the estate. Making her seem mentally incompetent he hopes to block the division so that he can keep the property as one, giving him ownership of all the land.

Meanwhile, Anne Lister has their own fish to fry, and those peppers come in the form of a new business plan.

She hopes to improve Halifax by building a Northcote hotel and casino. Her excessive loan to secure the capital for the hotel has caused tension between her and Ann, who bears the ongoing financial burden for the two. Ann fears she is being exploited, which makes them quarrel but their money problems are just the catalyst for a much bigger fight.

Ann accuses Anne of not sharing all parts of her life with her, stating: “I’m your wife when it’s convenient, when you need money, in bed, but when it comes to [meeting] your aristocratic people, I’m a nuisance. “

Mr. Jack Season 2 Suzanne Jones Sophie Rundle Lydia Leonard


The fight turns into the subject of Mrs Mariana Lawton, with whom Ann reveals that she knows Lister had an affair. On top of that, Ann reveals that Anne’s extravagant spending terrifies her. With their problems escalating, Ann makes the surprising decision to end their relationship.

But there is no time to deal with the turmoil. The Sutherlands have arrived in Yorkshire and they mean business – or at least the Captain does. Poor Elizabeth just seems to be railing at her husband’s tyrant.

Ann is called to her aunt to sort out the division with the Sutherlands, but the captain has a lot of dirty tricks up his sleeve. When his attempts to discredit Ann’s abilities to the lawyer Mr Gray fail, he tricks Ann into giving up the deeds to the estate to the lawyer Mr Parker (Bruce Alexander).

The submarine Sutherland then forces Parker to hand them over to him by painting Anne as a predator and wealth hunter who has an “unnatural hold” over Ann.

Sophie Rundle as Ann Walker, Suranne Jones as Anne Lister, Mr. Jack season 2


All this he does during the ceremony to mark the building of the Northcote hotel takes place. Anne and Ann catch wind of it and try to thwart his plan but are themselves thwarted by Parker’s secretary. They return to Shibden, where they are later met by the Sutherlands.

Reinforced by his success, the captain continues to lie when confronted by Ann. He shares that both Mr Gray and Mr Parker agree with him (now that they are aware of “Lister’s handling”) that sharing the estate is a mistake.

His lies, however, are unraveled when a Mr Gray arrives at Shibden Hall and Lister allows Sutherland to believe that Gray is the lawyer he just lied about. Elizabeth, apparently both panicked and tired of the lies, confesses that her husband was deceitful. She urges him to do the right thing in allowing de Ann to have her land and feel backed into a corner. Captain Sutherland has no choice but to agree.

Anne’s small but heroic act convinces Ann of her feelings towards her and it persuades her to revive their relationship.

What happened to the other Listers?

Gemma Whelan as Marian Lister in Mr. Jack


While everything may be rosy between Anne and Ann at the end, the Listers are left a little worse off for wear.

Friction bubbles between Anne and her sister Marian (Gemma Whelan) over her engagement to Mr Abbott (John Hollingworth). Anne thinks it’s an irrational match, believing Mr Abbott not to be worthy of the Lister sister.

She informs Marian that if she intends to marry him, she will be cut off. This severe slap in the face upsets Marian but not so much as when Mr Abbott cancels their intended nuptials after he discovers the true nature of Anne and Ann’s relationship.

Marian’s heartache pushes her to announce that she intends to leave Shibden and return to Market Wheaton. Their father (Timothy West) agrees to go with her because of his obvious disapproval of Anne’s risky business ventures, with which he says she makes herself look stupid.

Mr. Jack is available to watch on BBC iPlayer.

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