Holly Willoughby shares a rare understanding of her home with a click of her pets sleeping together.

Holly Willoughby welcomed golden retriever Bailey into the family last November – and it looks like he’s already a hit with their cat Bluebell.

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This morning: Holly Willoughby reacts to a Lilibet photo

Holly Willoughby gave fans a preview of her lavish home as she shared a beautiful photo of her pets.

La This morning A presenter took to Instagram to post a photo of her dog Bailey and cat Bluebell sleeping together.

Although they sleep at the opposite ends of the couch, it seems rare that pets are so close to each other.

“I never thought I’d see the day … Bailey, Bluebell,” Holly headlined the picture.

The poster pretty much advertised the reaction of fans who flocked to comment on similar experiences with their own pets.

One wrote: “This is so funny. I have the same problem. Cats live upstairs, my dog ​​stays downstairs. Hope their love grows from strength to strength xx. “

Holly welcomed Bailey into the family in November



She also has a cat named Bluebell



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Another said: “Pretty fun after 2.5 years of fighting my two did the same thing today !! There must be something in the air!”

A third spoke: “Oh yes, my dog ​​and cat took about 2 years to accept each other. Now, when I walk in from the outside, they’re sitting on the same couch. “

“We have 3 cats and a mop and are often on the couch together now. They have come a long way to bless them. Cats can tolerate Minnie now, ”said a fourth.

Fifth added: “Our cat and dog have their moments as siblings, but they do play and love each other really. Nice picture.”

Holly shared this sweet snap of Bailey and Bluebell sleeping



Holly and her family welcomed a golden retriever Bailey to their family back in November last year.

So the fact that he’s already in agreement with their pet cat Bluebell is pretty amazing.

Sharing a picture kissing the adoring golden retriever Instagram Holly said at the time, “Bailey came into our lives this month and changed everything.”

She explained: “My daughter campaigned for us to get a dog because she could talk, and we waited for the right time for a dog to integrate into our family life.

“Now, is that the time. This ball of delicious energy has jumped into our world and immediately made us wonder why the hell we’ve been waiting so long.

“She was great at getting us all out of the house, walking and playing in the garden.

“During confinement, the kids gravitated to be on screens more than normal, but Bailey came in and pressed a giant foot-shaped, reset button for all of us … and of course we’re completely in love.”

Guilty looking Bailey after he ate the hoover



Photo from when she first got Bailey



But not everything has been a simple sailing since Bailey joined the family.

Back in March Holly was terrified when the puppy chewed her hoover – only hours after she parted it to give it a deep clean.

Sharing a snap of guilty looking Bailey next to the clue, the TV presenter wrote further Instagram : “Dyson update … my dog ​​ate my hoover.”

Then in May Bailey decided to make some DIY garden and was clicked covered in mud after digging flowers in the garden.

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