How to Use the Security and Emergency Features in Your Google Pixel Phone

Crises can happen anytime, anywhere, so good luck to you if you have a Google Pixel. You can rely on its emergency features that could ever literally save your life or the life of a loved one.

All Pixel phones have a standard Emergency Dial button (except for a few additional features), while newer Pixel phones have a feature called Emergency SOS Call. But how exactly do you use them? Let’s take a look.


What Is A Quick Call For Emergencies?

For a long time, Android phones have integrated emergency information on the lock screen accessible without unlocking the device. From there, it’s possible to access medical data (if it’s been filled in before), as well as call the emergency services, even when the phone is locked (actually if you have any apps). you don’t even need cell phone service to call 911).

On all Google Pixel phones, this menu is accessed by pressing and holding the power button and tapping the Emergency Call. On the Pixel 4, 5 and 6 you can automatically make an emergency call if you press the switch five times.

How to make Emergency calls on Pixel 4, 5 and 6

You need to activate and configure both the medical data and the SOS emergency call feature on your Google Pixel because you never know when you’ll need it. It may be too late to make this setting when the time comes.

Follow the steps below to add medical data to your Pixel in the event of an accident. Emergency services will be able to view data such as blood type, allergies, weight, organ donation and contacts without accessing the rest of the contents of the phone. On modern Pixels (4, 5 and 6) you can also make an Emergency SOS call. Here’s how:

  1. Open the Settings app and click on the Security and crisis option.
  2. Hit SOS crisis.
  3. Then choose Turn on Emergency SOS. By default, a loud alarm will sound when you use this feature, and your phone will call 911. If you want, you can turn it off.
  4. Choose which emergency services you would like to turn on in a real crisis. You can choose to call 911, record a short video, or share your location and information with a pre-selected emergency contact.
    1. If you choose Call emergency services911 is set to default, but you can change it.
    2. If you choose Share information with emergency contactsyou can choose what information to share.
    3. If you choose Recording an emergency videothis will automatically share the recording with your emergency contacts.

How to Make an Emergency SOS Call

To activate an Emergency SOS call, press the switch quickly at least five times. Your alarm will start (unless you have turned it off). Depending on the preferences you selected in the top section, 911 will be called, your information will be shared with your emergency contact, and he or she will receive an emergency video.

To cancel the Emergency SOS call after pressing the power button five times, swipe across the bottom of your screen.

What Are the Disadvantages of the Emergency Call Feature?

The one downside is that if your Pixel’s power button is sensitive, it could accidentally call 911 and all your emergency contacts. Some users have reportedly experienced this with some models.

It is recommended that you purchase a case protector that includes the switch. In most cases, this has solved the problems with a 911 call, or if you want, you can turn off the Emergency SOS call and just stick with the traditional emergency features that all Pixels have.

Basic Emergency Features of All Pixel Models

While the Emergency SOS feature is only available on newer Pixel models, all models come with the traditional Android emergency settings. They are activated as follows:

  1. Open the Settings app and go to About phone> Emergency information.
  2. Customize your settings. In this tab, you can edit your own Urgent response, Detection and alertsand Contacts and information tabs.
    1. If you choose Urgent responseyou can turn on sharing with your emergency contacts, and choose what you want to share with them.
    2. If you choose Contacts and informationyou can update your medical information and emergency contact details.
    3. If you choose Detection and alertsyou turn on car crash detection and turn on natural disasters and public emergency warnings.

Car crash detection works if you experience a car accident. If you do, an automatic call will be made to the emergency services if the cell phone detects that you have suffered a collision and you are not moving.

The operation is very similar to that of the Apple Watch drops function: If the cell phone detects that you have had an accident, it will sound an alarm so that you can indicate that you are OK.

In case of not receiving a response in a reasonable time, the phone will only then call the emergency services and give them your contact details, and contact a family member you have previously appointed.

The App for Personal Security

All of the above settings can also be made using the Pixel Personal Safety App. An additional feature of the program is that if you feel in danger, but not in an emergency, you can activate Security sharing which will share your real-time location with your emergency contacts.

You can also activate Security control which acts as a timer. If you do not acknowledge the timer after a certain time has been set by you, it will contact your emergency contacts.

How to Call for Emergencies

Older Pixels doesn’t have the Emergency SOS call feature when you tap the power button five times, but you can still call an emergency without the need for a PIN, pattern, fingerprint, or password. It works like this:

  1. To access your data and emergency contacts, press and hold the power button on the Google Pixel for a few seconds until the restart or off screen is displayed.
  2. Three options appear: Crisis, Shutdown, and Restart. Press Crisis to view the available options for emergency calls and SOS contacts.
  3. A keyboard will appear on the screen of your Google Pixel, and a button at the top with the text Emergency information. Click this button to open the emergency information you have defined. As mentioned above, these include your name, address, blood type, allergies, medications, and emergency contacts.

Feel Safer With Your Pixel

Now that you know the security features of your Pixel phone, you can rest assured knowing that in the event of a real crisis, your phone can help you. And likewise, if you are feeling anxious about a loved one, share this information so that you and they can feel more secure and in control.

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