Internet Slams “Satisfied” Disneyland Paris Employee Who Interrupted a Marriage Proposal

There is only one thing that can ruin an offer at Disneyland. And that’s an employee …

Wait. What were you waiting for? Children? People screaming? Is Karen getting in the shot? The weather? The cliché setting? Do you stumble upon your own shoelaces, or, Lord beware, your own words? Don’t be silly, that never happens at Disneyland.

But a savage employee is definitely a reason. Don’t you believe me? Oh, it happened. Just look.

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Disneyland is a magical place, but offering your significant other is still something that is nothing more than ideal there

Image credits: qin linlin (not the real image)

A video has recently appeared appeared on this couple’s internet at Disneyland. In the video, we see the guy kneeling and trying to ask the question to his lovely significant other. I say try because not after a few seconds, a Disneyland employee rushes to ruin everything.

Why? Apparently, this particular platform in front of the Sleeping Beauty Castle was barred. The employee grabbed the engagement ring from the man’s hand and slid down the nearby staircase, gesturing for them to move to the area he was pointing to.

A guy was courting his girlfriend in front of the Sleeping Beauty Castle when a Disneyland Paris employee ruined it for them.

FYI, the reason why it is barred, according to Disney Reporter Edith Gervin, is because the platform is used for the Dream … and Shine Brighter! shows several times a day in celebration of the 30th anniversary of Disneyland Paris. Reportedly, the guy proposed close to when a show was scheduled to begin, so time was of the essence.

Before the 21-second video is cut short, we can see the guy approaching the employee to explain the situation, but the employee had none of it and the moment was ruined. People could hear a boom start soon after.

However, there are claims that the guy contacted another employee, a woman, and got her permission to propose before. Only that the intervening employee did not seem to be aware of it.

Turns out, the area where the couple was was banned from people, but the couple claimed they had permission

Image credits: Britini R (not the actual image)

On Reddit comment under the now viral video, OP, who is the bidder’s best friend, explained “the other employee said ‘no go up there’ he then replied that he wanted to propose what she replied with .the case go for it ‘. He then went for it and the rest is taped. “

In another comment, OP also elaborated that the employee disappeared as quickly as he appeared. His best friend also opposed the desire to make the moment worse by knocking the guy to the ground to ruin what was supposed to be the best day of his life so far.

In a statement to Newsweek, A Disneyland spokesman said they regretted how badly this situation had been handled, and apologized to the couple, offering to rectify it. Whatever means “adjusting it” is yet to be determined.

The platform is actually used for the Dream … and Shine More! shows and is surrounded by various equipment and fireworks

Image credits: Erika Quitnana (not the real photo)

All this took place at Disneyland Paris, France, in front of the Château de la Sleeping Beauty, on a fenced platform. So, yes, be careful if you do this.

As soon as the video hit the gap, it went viral. It initially burst above on the subreddit r / IamATotalPieceOfS ** t where, as of this article, it has just over 96,000 upvotes with around 60 Reddit awards. It was also covered by a number of news media and the video as well found his way to YouTube.

At the end of the video, people can hear word of mouth, and the internet was almost the same opinion after it reached Reddit.

As for the reactions from the internet, for the most part, it was the same as the people whistling in the video. This was accompanied by criticism, drawing attention to the employee’s tone of voice as if he were more than happy to ruin the moment, even proud, perhaps. But the moment people criticized him the most was that he grabbed the ring. You just don’t do that. Period.

Others credited the bidder with not losing it. And some speculate that the employee took advantage of the opportunity as he knelt to intervene so as not to get his ass delivered to him. And that’s probably why he soon disappeared.

However, others have speculated that this employee will not last long in the company because Disney tends to take his image of “Happiest Place on Earth” seriously.

We’ve been in touch with the original post of the video, which is the bidder’s best friend, but we haven’t heard of them yet, so be careful!

Whatever the case, you can check out the video in our article as well as above Reddit and YouTube with all comments intact. But before you leave, what do you think about that? If you were the employee, how would you handle this? Let us know in the comments section below!

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