Investment in Quantum Computing Increases in the Digital Age

Investment in Quantum Computing Increases in the Digital Age

Even if quantum computing is in a budding stage, the interest and the number of companies participating with quantum projects is constantly increasing.

As we move forward, quantum computing is likely to be a game changer for all industries including cybersecurity, banking, healthcare and more. Certainly, with its complex nature and even more complex statistical model solving aspects, technology researchers are actively exploring the path between quantum sensing and quantum machine learning like never before.

With the growing demand for quantum computing across industries, investments are projected to increase in the next two years, a recent IDC study reveals. The number of companies allocating more than 17% of their annual IT budgets as this particular initiative is expected to rise from 7% in 2021 to a projected figure of almost 19% in 2023.

Such investments will be driven by those companies that aim to gain a competitive advantage with the help of quantum computing technology to increase and accelerate business processes. This can be done in conjunction with better security, improved AI capabilities, and optimized algorithms.

The survey points to the fact that about 20% of companies are interested in quantum computing technology in early 2021 and are currently using it. In fact, about 66% of organizations expect to experiment with this technology within the next 18-24 months.

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This development is due to global companies investing heavily in cloud-based platforms that provide access to quantum computing hardware as well as software. This also applies to training quantum developers, hiring quantum specialists, and acting as a team with quantum vendors to build new business solutions.

In addition, complex technology, lack of available resources, clever constraints, and cost discourage some firms from investing in quantum computing technology. To alleviate such concerns, quantum computing vendors, cloud service providersas well as independent software vendors offer quantum cloud-based tools that enable organizations to experiment.

Collectively, quantum computing infrastructure-as-a-service (QCIaaS), platform-as-a-service (QCPaaS), as well as software as a service (QCSaaS) solutions provide companies to access quantum computing technology, applications, support, and so on. .

In fact, these services help customers decide on the value of adopting quantum computing technology, build and test quantum algorithms – to become more resilient in the post-quantum era. Organizations interested in quantum computing should not be deterred from investing in this technology because it will most likely become an industrial disruptor.

Heather West, senior research analyst in Infrastructure Systems, Platforms and Technology at IDC, explains – “Quantum computing is the future industry and infrastructure disruptor for organizations that want to use large amounts of data, artificial intelligence and machine learning to accelerate real-time. business intelligence and innovate product development. “

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Even if quantum computing is in its infancy, the interest and the number of European companies participating in quantum projects are steadily increasing. Not surprisingly, the most innovative companies across various industry verticals have realized that the identification and progress of quantum business use cases must be set up immediately.

Heather also said, “Many organizations – from many industries – are already experimenting with its potential today to gain a competitive advantage tomorrow … This push is therefore gradually contributing to the development of a real European quantum. computer market which grows year after year. ”

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