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ST. GEORGE – People are using the internet to read this article. And Black Desert Resort, currently under construction in Ivins, will use the same ethernet network that will stream the internet through the resort to power its lights and other items.

Two large cranes used to build Black Desert Resort dominate the horizon in Ivins, Utah, May 19, 2022 | Photo of Chris Reed, St. George News

Known as “power over ethernet” (PoE), the technology uses the same cords that transmit over the Internet to carry electricity. The resort says all of its lighting, guest door card readers and security system and cameras will be PoE-powered.

Introduced in 2003, it is not necessarily a new technology. But it has rarely been used on such a large scale as what is done in Ivins. According to the resort’s developer, Black Desert will have the world’s largest power over an ethernet resort for a resort.

“We are very aggressive with energy efficiency,” Enlaw LLC owner Patrick Manning told St. Louis. George News. “Power over the Internet allows a huge portion of this to happen.”

The resort will include a hotel, accommodation and retail boardwalk along with a professionally designed golf course.

According to the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), supercharged power transmits electricity along with data via the same standard data cables that are used to send wired internet.

The biggest benefits, says the IEEE, include being able to have a single line providing both power and internet to some IT devices such as cameras and computers. With increasing power consumption concern, it is also providing another source of electricity away from the existing electricity grid.

Manning said that in addition to having its own water supply that will not use any of the existing water supply in Ivins, it also means that Black Desert Resort will not be so attracted to the existing electricity supply of the city and Washington County.

“The extent to which Black Desert Resort uses power over ethernet will result in the largest resort in the world using this incredible energy-saving technology,” Manning said.

There is also a financial gain to be made by the resort with its PoE system.

Stock photo of the RJ45 ethernet cord | Photo of Bet_Noire / iStock / Getty Images Plus, St. George News

Manning said the resort could receive as much as $ 150 million in loan from a state and federal program designed to encourage efficient and renewable energy.

The Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy, or C-PACE, program was initiated by the U.S. Department of Energy but depends on states to actually create the agencies that manage and award funding.

“The intent is to create a government bond to encourage and cover the financial cost of energy efficiency,” municipal bond attorney Randy Larsen told the Ivins City Council on May 19 during a presentation on C-PACE funding for Black Desert Resort.

There are 38 states with C-PACE programs. Utah is a pet project by State Senate Speaker Stuart Adams sponsored the bill who created the Utah C-PACE in 2017.

Manning said the resort has qualified for a $ 150 million loan and is finalizing terms. If it’s that much, it would be the biggest C-PACE reward in U.S. history. To date, the largest C-PACE funding has been $ 89 million for carbon reduction renovations to the 111 Wall Street building in New York City, according to Forbes.

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