Jermaine Jenas accused of using a telephone while driving and could face a ban if found guilty

Jermaine Jenas, who has won 21 top caps for England and currently hosts The One Show, allegedly used her mobile phone while traveling in London in October 2021.

Jermaine Jenas allegedly used his phone while driving
Jermaine Jenas allegedly used his phone while driving

Iama Premier League player Jermaine Jenas is being prosecuted for allegedly using his cell phone while driving.

The incident reportedly took place while Jenas was driving a black Range Rover in London on October 14 last year. The 39-year-old’s case will be heard behind closed doors at Bromley Magistrates Court on Friday and he could receive a driving ban and a fine if found guilty.

The One Show host is prosecuted in accordance with the single justice procedure. He allegedly drove the vehicle in Marsh Lane, Stanmore “when he was using an interactive communication device at the time, a portable mobile device,” according to court documents.

Jenas is best known for representing Nottingham Forest, Newcastle, Tottenham, Aston Villa and QPR during his professional career, making 280 Premier League appearances. He also won 21 senior caps for England, winning once against Switzerland in February 2008.

The former midfielder won the League Cup with Tottenham in 2008 and was named the PFA Young Player of the Year in 2003. His career effectively ended in April 2014 – at the age of 31 – after suffering a serious knee injury in training. He never played professional football again.

Jenas became a football expert and performer after his career ended. He was named as the regular host of The One Show in 2021. He recently made the draw for this year’s World Cup and was overturned to replace Gary Lineker as host of Match of the Day.

Jermaine Jenas currently hosts The One Show on BBC One


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Jenas could be banned from driving and fined £ 1,000 for the offense if found guilty. Other penalties include six penalty points and a £ 200 fine, or three penalty points for those who “do not have a full view of the road and traffic before proper control of the vehicle.”

La British government website reads: “It is illegal to hold and use a phone, satellite, tablet or any device that can send or receive data while driving or riding a motorcycle. This means that you must not use a device in your hand for any reason, whether online or offline.

“For example, you are not allowed to text, make calls, take photos or videos, or browse the web. move, and hold and use a device offline or in flight mode. “

Those who use their phone in an emergency or for contactless payment are exempt. The law also does not apply to those who are parked or using a device to park their vehicle remotely.

Several ex-athletes moved to performance after withdrawing from competition. Peter Crouch, Andrew Flintoff, Jamie Redknapp, Ian Wright, Dion Dublin, Alex Scott and Mirror Sport columnist Sam Quek are among those who have led a television show.

“I absolutely loved being part of The One Show, Alex, the team and the viewers felt so welcome and we were already having a lot of fun,” Jenas said after acquiring The One Show. “I’m really looking forward to joining as a full-time host.”

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