Joe Smith Jr. wants Bivol after Beterbiev fight on June 18

Artur Beterbiev, Joe Smith Jr. Boxing Photo

De Craig Daly: Star Boxing promoter Joe DeGuardia says his WBO fighter welterweight champion Joe Smith Jr. will aim for a rematch against WBA champion Dmitry Bivol or possibly Canelo Alvarez if he successfully defeats IBF / WBC champion Artur Beterbiev in their unifying clash on June 18.

When promoter Frank Warren was told on Oct. 22 that his fighter Anthony Yarde would challenge the winner of the Beterbiev battle against Smith, DeGuardia said it was “premature.”

DeGuardia says the WBO did not indicate that the winner of Beterbiev-Smith should fight Yarde. If Smith (28-3, 22 KOs) defeats Beterbiev, they will decide in which direction to go, whether it’s a rematch with Bivol or Beterbiev or maybe a clash against Canelo.

DeGuardia didn’t sound thrilled to have Smith against Yarde (22-2, 21 KOs) on October 22 in the UK, as he likes Joe’s idea of ​​competing in New York City at Madison Square Garden.

According to advertiser Eddie Hearn, Bivol could face Joshua Buatsi or Callum Smith next in September or October. If Bivol wins, a rematch against Canelo is possible by May 2023.

“First of all, I don’t want to look beyond Beterbiev. This is a real challenge, and we’re focusing on Beterbiev, “said Joe Smith Jr. Joe DeGuardia. iFL TV when told that advertiser Frank Warren had booked a venue in London on October 22 for the winner of Beterbiev and Joe Smith Jr. to fight Anthony Yarde. He talked to Top Rank about it.

“Although it may be a little premature for me to think about the next battle. What Frank is saying is definitely premature,DeGuardia continued.

“Any conversations he could have, and I love Frank, and I’m sure he had whatever he says he had. Once this battle [with Beterbiev] It’s over, Joe Smith and I will be together, and we’ll decide what we think is next.

“I know Frank believes the WBO will order mandatory [against Yarde] for Joe Smith, but that hasn’t happened yet. Many things can happen.

“Joe wins that fight on June 18; we’ll see where we go and what comes next. Sure, we have a strong loyalty to the WBO because of him [Smith Jr] is the WBO champion, and we’ll definitely listen to whatever their position is.

“But now there is no name. It would be too early for Frank to say that because there was no name to that effect, and in fact, I think it hurts him to try to make that claim and that Yarde should be. But he will make his presentation and try to get his guy in there.

“From my point of view, we will look for the biggest battles there. I’ll do that on June 19th if it turns out that everything is going well on June 18th for Joe Smith.

“Like everything else, money means a lot in this sport, but it also makes a legacy, and Joe Smith wants to avenge that loss he had to Bivol.

“It simply came to our notice then.

“Obviously, there are a lot of things that have to happen with the WBO for that to happen. Also, I imagine the WBO will also be a very reasonable body.

“They’re a sanctioned body, and I have a lot of respect for them, and I’m not so sure they’ll say arbitrarily,‘ Well, that’s what you do, that’s who you are. fighting. ‘

“I think they will examine their processes to determine who is the obligatory challenger at that time because nothing happens until that battle is over, and then they will make their name which is the obligatory one.

“If it turns out to be Yarde, then we’ll get together and decide,‘ Can we put that deal together? Can we make a deal for that fight to happen? ‘

“I heard you mention Frank talking about the battle of October 22 in Britain. Well, there’s a lot for that to happen. Madison Square Garden seems like a very happy place for us to fight.

“For Joe Smith, we will sell the Hulu for this battle [Beterbiev], I’m sure. Joe’s stature will only increase if he defeats Beterbiev, and there are many things that can happen here in the United States and New York for a huge Joe Smith fight if he defeats Beterbiev and holds all the titles.

“So, I think all of those things are going to come into play, and like I said, Frank has to go out there and exalt his guy. [Yarde] and do what he must do for his fighter. When all is said and done, and Joe is the unified champion, we will sit down and decide what we think is best for his career in the next battle.

“There is a certain Mexican legend out there in Canelo. He’s going to fight in September, we hope, “said DeGuardo when asked what other options there are for Smith Jr. fight later except Bivol.

“There are a lot of other guys out there who could do some interesting fights with Joe Smith and big fights. There is a lot of action in and around that division [light heavyweight]and there are many things we can look at.

“I also don’t overlook the fact that if we get past Beterbiev, that battle, I expect, that’s why everyone in England will tune in the same way as ESPN here and around the world.

“I look forward to that battle [Beterbiev vs. Smith Jr] to be a real fireworks display. I hope it will be bombs off in a really, really exciting battle. So maybe there could be a rematch if it’s that good of a fight?

“There are so many things that can happen, and that’s why we have to wait and see what happens on June 18th. Again, I don’t want to miss June 18th because I know we have a real challenge ahead of us in Artur Beterbiev. June 18 will be a special night for boxing, ”said DeGuardia.


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