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After a season that has become more extraordinary with each passing week, it all comes down to this. Two teams fueled by a sense of destiny, competing for a grand prize at a brilliant modern football cathedral; it’s just a shame that someone has to lose. And yet, when The Fiver presented his 3,000-word work on the finale of the League Two finale to The Man, it was returned to us in a thousand pieces, the confetti arranged on what passes for a desk to spell two words: GREAT TASK.

And if that initial gambit was more telegraphed than $ tevie Mbe Hollywood pass, Saturday night’s conflict in Paris promises to be much less predictable. Liverpool will start as favorites, but Real Madrid have shown they can destroy a carefully crafted Big Cup project in 90 seconds, let alone 90 minutes. After increasingly dramatic late returns against PSG, Chelsea and Manchester City, we expect Karim Benzema to appear with a late winner halfway through Liverpool’s trophy parade.

So if you’re the kind of fan who likes to post the “UCL” number of your chosen team through all the available Social Media, as if you’ve somehow contributed in a meaningful way, here are some patented Fiver analytics for you. Liverpool can move to seven World Cups, moving them equally with Milan – but, more importantly, damaging the flow of that gloomy “we won it. [x] times ”chant. Madrid of course won 13 – not that they like to talk about it. Right, The Fiver is making fun of teams for winning too many Grand Prix. But what else is there?

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Both teams have earned their place, and both are coached by sympathetic deans of the modern game. the and of Carlo Ancelottin-game tactical touches it may amount to a chat with Luke Modric and a theatrical raise of the eyebrow – but hey, it works. As for Jürgen Klopp, he remains the manager of a Grand Cup winner most likely to keep his spirits up during a team building weekend – Roberto Di Matteo follows closely. To opponents who might notice that this is just a repeat of the 2018 show, and that six of the last nine Grand Cup finals have featured at least one of these clubs – a fair point. But then again, one of those teams lost at home to Sheriff Tiraspol in the groups; the other qualified thanks to a last-minute guided equalizer against West Brom. From their goalkeeper. Unfortunate fate, Mansfield and Port Vale – this is the real bottom line of the weekend.


“It’s been a dark day and it will be in the future, but I feel ready to lead my staff and my players,” said Vale manager Darrell Clarke. returning after a close family mourning this year as he prepares to lead them to Wembley on Saturday.

Darrell Clarke de Vale.
Darrell Clarke de Vale. Photo: Christopher Thomond / The Guardian


“Hours later after you kindly printed my letter in yesterday’s Fiver, Football Canada canceled their friendly against Iran. I knew you were a global power in the world of football, but that’s just remarkable. “- Alan Etherington.

“Interestingly, the Norwich suit described his team as average (yesterday’s News, Bits and Bobs). I would think if they reached the high heights of average, they would still be in the Premier League “- Dominic Dawson.

“Moving the latest filth of ‘applauding money on TV’ (Five letters passim). You just have to watch Antiques Roadshow to understand the applause of the money. Low value gets no applause from the crowd present, great value gets a lot of applause … but no one did anything, they just got the news of a big chunk of money tied to them. Good on you! Newcastle fans can understand this idea “- Paul Sanderson.

“Like John McKay (yesterday’s letters), I can’t believe I’m lowering myself to write a letter to The Fiver. Especially since I really have nothing witty to say. Kind of like The Fiver “- Steve Mintz.

Send your letters to And you can always tweet The Fiver via @guardian_sport. Today’s winner of our worthless letter of the day is … Dominic Dawson.


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It seems that Sadio Mané could be stay in Liverpool finally. “Come back to me on Saturday and I’ll give you the best answer you want to hear, for sure,” he teased. “It’s special. I’ll give you everything you want to hear then. ”

Sadio Mané with a big nod on his way to Paris.
Sadio Mané with a big nod on his way to Paris. Photo: Oli Scarff / AFP / Getty Images

Forest Green thinks their use of Notts County’s tempting manager Ian Burchnall is one in the eye for Watford. “Between us we have shown how moves in football can still be made right and up,” cried President Dale Vince.

Another non-league leader on the move is Pete Wild, who traded Halifax for the gig at League Two Barrow.

England captain Harry Kane chatted at Jimmy Fallon’s late night talk show in New York City. “We have a great team, really good players, really good coaches, and we’ve built this World Cup nicely and I’m really looking forward to it,” he lay down, giving it the old-fashioned look at a relatively empty audience. “Hopefully I can try to break that goal record while we’re there.”

Badoom-tish. Photo: NBC / NBCU Photo Bank / Getty Images

That high-pitched cry you might be able to detect is the constant spitting between French and Spanish football suits, over this whole business of Kylian Mbappé. “When Lionel Messi, Sergio Ramos and others left your league – at will – last year, instead of acknowledging their [greatness]you commented on their age and waved our league as “like the league of legends according to the age of some players”, “smelled Vincent Labrune of the LFP in a letter to counterpart Javier Tebas.” Now your disrespectful slanders seem to be directed at Mbappé, who is widely recognized as one of the biggest players in the world and has simply not joined your league, at will, despite receiving a similar offer. “

And in adult news, Rio Ferdinand and John Terry competed for each other on Social Media Abomination Twitter, above the top rank of the top central defenders in the Premier League – with himself at number 1 and Terry at number 5 It’s too boring to go on.


Want to know where the Grand Cup final will be won and lost? Then lend your eyes to Jonathan Wilson [he’s written a tactical breakdown, he’s not gone serial killer – Fiver Ed].

Here we go.
Here we go. Composition: Getty, Shutterstock

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