Man Sneezing in Costco Membership Photo Joys Internet: ‘Masterpiece’

In the age of self-portrait and social media, we tend to have control over how we are introduce us to the world. So, it is humiliating when confronted with a good old fashioned ID card photo.

Universally flawless, ID card photos are the great equalizer. Is it yours driver’s license or yours student cardOne of the worst things about ID clicks is that you don’t get a delivery — that means this really awful photo will stay for a long, long time.

One man also has internet strangers to remind him of his ID photo failure, after a sadly timed sneeze went viral. Reddit.

User BabyJesusAnalingus, real name Domenic Merenda, has announced his new Costco card to the r / fun forum on Saturday, along with the caption: “So Costco doesn’t seem to pick up photos of a membership card if you sneeze.”

La post received more than 140,000 votes in favor and more than 1,000 comments from Redditors comparing his expression to everything from a thick toe to Uncle Fester of the Addams Family.

Kittywitch9 said, “You look like Voldemort on the back of Professor Quirrell’s head.”

PRtheRights commented: “Dude has turned into an anarchist. Don’t hate him.”

Chris Cross Nathaniel became poetic, writing: “Humpty Dumpty paid the membership fees

“Humpty Dumpty had a big sneeze

“All the Costco guys wouldn’t pick up Humpty’s picture again.”

Dieth joked, “You’re Costco’s Ogre now.”

According to Statista, was 111 million Costco members in 2021. The number of cardholders has steadily risen since 2014, when 76.4 million people had Costco membership. Last year, Costco was the sixth most valuable retail brand in the world, with an estimated brand value of $ 35.1 billion.

It’s not just Costco card photos or school portraits that make us grimace. A 2017 survey found that despite liking our own selfies, we find others worthy. La study, called “The Selfie Paradox,” explored why we continue to take selfies but judge others for doing the same. A survey of 238 people found this out 77 percent regularly took selfies, despite seeing it as a sign of narcissism or inauthenticity in other people.

On the other hand, a 2019 study found that people who shared photos of themselves taken by someone else — called “posies” —were supposed to be more liked, successful, and self-assured than their self-photographing counterparts, at least to strangers — unless of course it was. mid-tern identifier. photo card.

Merenda, who lives in Chicago, said Newsweek: “I have the ‘gold’ [Costco] membership.

“I decided to get it because Groupon had a deal where Costco effectively pays you to become a member.

“I intend to maximize the value of my membership by grazing samples and sucking cheap hotdogs.”

When asked how he feels about the overwhelming response to his photo failure, he said: “It was very strange, especially since I was recognized several times in public.

“A bunch of my friends sent me memes from the internet.

“It’s fun to see all the places where it’s cut out. People use it as Discord trends, profile pictures, and I’ve seen someone try to sell shirts already.”

Many Redditors have pointed out that Costco does offer picks of its membership card photos, but have suggested that the store employee told Domenic otherwise that he was messing with him.

Wizard_of_awesome62 said: “They knew they had gold on their hands, so they convinced OP that their policy is not to take pictures. This is too good to be done again.”

Kakiblack679 agreed, commenting, “They probably do, but the person who took it won’t let go this moment.”

However, Merenda explained that the manager seemed to be in a rather difficult position at the time, so he decided not to bother them.

He said: “I’m sure they would let me pick it up, but the storekeeper was five feet away and shouted at an angry customer.

“We all felt so bad for him that I think we collectively agreed to just leave it. I’m glad we did, because it brought so much joy to the internet!”

Others wanted to know why Domenic would even want to do it again.

Rustyrussell2015 said: “Are you kidding me? I would be so proud of this photo. I would show it everywhere I go.”

RedditisTedious wrote, “Why would you want a new picture after that masterpiece?”

WhiskerTwitch commented: “You have to keep it up.

“Seriously great photo, man!”

Internet Scream Laughs at Costco Card Photo Fail
Domenic’s Costco Card. Redditor users begged Domenic not to pick up his Costco card photo, describing it as a “masterpiece.”
iStock / Getty Images Plus / Domenic Snack

01/06/22 06:56 am ET – This article has been updated with additional information and comments from Domenic Merenda.

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