Manyuchi’s choices: Defend or give up

The Herald

Gilbert Munetsi-Boxing Correspondent

The reign of LOKA boxing champion Charles Manyuchi as the World Alliance Boxing Association’s (WABA) senior middleweight champion could soon end if he fails to defend the title within the next one month, The Herald can exclusively reveal.

Manyuchi – who also holds the World Boxing Federation, World Boxing Union, Universal Boxing Council and World Professional Boxing Federation championships – was recently ordered to defend the WABA belt by July 3, a failure of which he risks having stripped. li.

The former ABU, WBC international and silver ringleader was advised of the position by WABA president, Kentucky Colonel Onesmo Macbride Ngowi, in correspondence from the sanctions body’s headquarters in Moshi, Tanzania.

Ngowi founded the association after resigning from the International Boxing Federation where he served as vice president for two decades.

He is also a former board member of the Commonwealth Boxing Council which he left altogether to establish a new baby, WABA, whose purpose he describes to promote the interests of professional boxers from the African continent.

Manyuchi became the inaugural WABA supreme world champion after defeating Muhammad Sebyala of Uganda in Masving on July 3 last year.

This was at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, and the boxing prodigy then needed a special resignation from the Sports Ministry to take part in the match, which had no support attacks. A year later, he still has to return to the ring.

In a letter to Manyuchi dated June 2 and was transferred to the Zimbabwe National Boxing and Wrestling Control Board, Ngowi advised Manyuchi on the need to defend his championship within the stipulated year-long duration.

He said the matter was being addressed at a recent WABA meeting and while Manyuchi’s caretakers had previously presented two dates, they passed away without a tournament arranged.

“Please note that the issue of defending your WABA World Top Championship was discussed during our recent monthly board meeting held last Wednesday, June 1, 2022 here in Arusha, Tanzania.

“It has been noticed that due to the Covid-19 pandemic, most governments (including Zimbabwe) have put a lid on most sports activities.

“However, with the cancellation and reduction of the above restrictions, tournaments have since resumed worldwide.

“Please note that we need to adhere to certain time frames in which we need to put in logistical arrangements to ensure we have a perfect event.

“So please make sure you are in constant contact with our WABA country commissioner for Zimbabwe and share updates on the matter.

“Failure to defend, as is the case with any other boxing sanctioning board in the world, gives the institution no choice but to declare the championship vacant.

“It will be a pity if we come to this decision, then this communication,” Ngowi wrote.

The head of WABA in an interview yesterday said that his association’s desire was to parade Manyuchi and other champions under their banner at a sports tourism tournament scheduled for Tanzania in August.

To be hosted under the auspices of the Arusha International Sports Tourism Initiative, the event aims to market tourism packages around the northern tourist circuit, which include the Arusha National Park, Lake Manyara and Serengeti. Manyuchi is an honorary ambassador of the WABA brand.

While Manyuchi was not available for comment at the time of going to press, this publication has good authority that he later found an opponent (name provided) from the DRC and retired to Masvingo Province where he is in training.

A source expert on developments within the Manyuchi Boxing Academy (the promoter) also reported on recent meetings held with sponsors, which include the Nyaradzo Group (his platinum sponsor) to hold an event. This is the third time Manyuchi has had the fear of giving up a title hanging over his head.

When he was WBC silver champion ranked among the 25 best welterweights in the world following a historic victory against Russian opponent Magommed in Ekatarinburg, the WBC was forced to introduce a provisional champion after Manyuchi delayed to defend. He was, however, given a penalty kick and later unsuccessfully defended it against Quadratillo in Singapore where he shockingly lost by KO in the first round.

Earlier last year, WBF President Howard Goldberg put him back in the corner, threatening to deprive him of the world title if he did not defend it. He obeyed, uniting it with the WABA and WPBF titles.

Holder of a record of 15 titles so far, Manyuchi has suggested he will sting his gloves when he reaches 20 championships, a feat that could earn him a slot in the Boxing Hall of Fame.

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