Mohamed Salah has just gotten into serious trouble in Liverpool as Sadio Mane’s fame has deteriorated

Which is Liverpool’s biggest number 10 as Sadio Mane makes a strong case for the best ever The curtain has fallen on a remarkable five years in Liverpool Football Club’s history. Coincidentally, the period in which the Reds had the incredible previous three of Roberto Firmino, Sadio Mane and Mohamed Salah lasted exactly half a decade.

The latter, the final peak in Liverpool’s sharpest ever trident, joined the club on June 22, 2017 and Mane was revealed as a Bayern Munich player on the fifth anniversary of his fellow African forward signing for the Reds. But regardless of the dates lining up perfectly, the end of their partnership is a sad moment for the club.

Thanks to an event that happened during A 3-0 win at Burnley early in the 2019/20 seasonthere were tiring rumors that Mane and Salah don’t get along, or that the Egyptian is selfish and does not pass to the former Southampton man. The truth, unsurprisingly, could hardly be more different.

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Maybe the idea started because Salah didn’t set a goal for Mane until their 20th match together, an exciting 4-3 win over Manchester City. But he more than made up for it, amassing 17 assists for the Reds ’No.10, more than he made available to any other player, at a rate of one per 13 matches in which they both appeared.

They also played in a number of big games, with an additional three to follow against City. Salah teis Mane to win against them the Champions League victory at Anfield in 2018, then in both league meetings last season. Add European semi-final goals against Roma and Villarreal, as well as further strikes against the likes of Arsenal, Atalanta, Bayern and Porto, and there is the foundation of a very impressive collection.

Mane was not only the biggest beneficiary of Salah’s creativity, no one else comes close. Add the next three in his personal assist positions together and it matches only the 17 goals he has lined up for the Senegalese international: 10 for Firmino, four for Naby Keita and three for Diogo Jota.

The numbers may not be as large but the same is true in the opposite direction. Mane set up 13 goals for Salah, comfortably ahead of what he gave to Firmino (six), Jota (four) and a trio of players on two. They also did not take place in matches of the same importance, with an effort against Genk in the group stage the only goal of the Champions League that Sadio set up for Mo. He did sign beauty of help against Manchester Unitedhowever, a goal so good that it entered the recent countdown of Liverpool’s 130 best in its history.

That Mane and Salah were so productive together is hardly a surprise. Match two players of their quality over 223 matches – no one has played more times with anyone in any position through their glorious careers – and goals and assists are almost inevitable. Salah teamed up with Firmino for one more goal than his combination with Mane generated as well.

But that doesn’t mean we should overlook that Liverpool are about to lose one of their best attacking pairs in the club’s modern history. According to LFCHistoryonly four duos have teamed up to create more goals for the Reds since 1969/70.

Kenny Dalglish and Ian Rush lead the list with 48, shortly ahead of Kevin Keegan and John Toshack – a classic “big man / small” combination – on 45 goals. They are the only partnerships that are more than two goals ahead of Mane and Salah’s efforts together.

Their dynamics will not be easy to replace. Even when not setting goals for each other, Liverpool’s numbers 10 and 11 both won in 33 league matches, the most of any two players in the English main flight since at least the mid-1970s. They achieved that in their first match together, a 3-3 draw at Watford, as well as their last, home win over Wolves, bringing their story full circle.

“Five years, that’s all we have,” David Bowie once sang. Liverpool and their supporters will forever be thankful that they were given as much time to enjoy the combined talents of Mane and Salah as they did.


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