“Morbius” Bombs Again With $ 85,000 Friday

In household waste news not related to Top Gun: Maverick ($ 25 million or -52% as of last Friday), Walt Disney Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness earned $ 2.622 billion (-42%) on its 29th day for a new $ 382 million domestic summit. The sequel to Sam Raimi-directed MCU, which recently announced a Disney + award date on June 22, is expected to earn $ 9.15 million (-43%) over its fifth weekend for $ 388.61 million domestically. It should crawl beyond $ 400 million domestically by the end, and it should be a little over $ 900 million worldwide tomorrow night. It won’t break $ 1 billion, but you can blame China for that, and it’s still a massive commercial victory for a film that, a pre-released buzz about cameos and universe-crashing events aside, is just a solid sequel to Doctor Strange.

20th Century Studios’ Bob’s Burgers: The Movie earned another $ 1.378 billion (-73%) on its second Friday, setting the stage for a $ 4.46 million (-64%) weekend and a $ 22.2 million ten-day total. That’s obviously a big drop, post-holiday weekend variables aside, and it’s clear that the fans and randomly curious who wanted to see this lively musical in theaters did so during the Memorial Day weekend. It should end at just over $ 30 million inland. DreamWorks Animation The Bad Ones spent $ 200 million worldwide over the holiday season and is expected to earn $ 3.33 million (-24%) in weekend seven for a $ 87.2 million home cumulus of $ 23.5 million debut weekend. Again, DWA toons are incredibly long in almost every circumstance. Downton Abbey: A New Age earned $ 970,000 (-47%) for $ 3 million (-48%) weekend and $ 35.7 million for a 17-day total.

A24s All Everywhere All at once continued to do its thing, earning another $ 566,930 (-18%) on Friday to bring its peak to $ 59 million. It should earn $ 1.94 million (-21%) in weekend 11 to pass the $ 60 million domestically. With $ 75 million worldwide, it’s (currently) just below Mrs. Bird ($ 71 million) and Heir ($ 81 million) as A24’s third largest global crude. The other Paramount crash in 2022, Sonic the Hedgehog 2, will earn $ 1.62 million (-34%) despite being released in post-theatrical (EST) and streaming (on Paramount +) over the past week. It will have $ 188.2 million domestically and possibly more / less $ 400 million worldwide (on a $ 110 million budget) tomorrow night. That of Paramount The Lost City will earn $ 1.36 million (-33%) in weekend 11 (even as it is also available at home) for $ 104 million at home cum.

Sony reissued Morbid in 1,037 theaters in weekend ten. The poorly reviewed and poorly received (Cinemascore’s C + and 1.89x multiplication means audience didn’t like it either) Jared Leto’s superhero movie earned an additional $ 85,000 (+ 922%) on Friday for $ 280,000 (+ 840%) weekend and still a bad $ 73.6 million domestic cume. Its $ 270 per theater average is the lowest in the top twenty. The online mockery and “memes” do not mean a damn thing in the general interest of the public. It’s been a while since the media stopped treating this stupidity as anything but a funny but meaningless comedy. That’s to say nothing about dealing with random racists who make fun of each other Ghostbusters, Star Wars, Marvel Dr. Who, Percy Jackson, etc., etc. as even a partial representative of a general consumer agreement. Here’s hoping Sony just played together.

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