My phone still has PopSocket, which is why I love it

Interest in PopSockets seemed to come and go relatively quickly. Although they are still certainly popular abroad, they seem a rare sight in the United States, which is strange considering how popular they were in the mid-2010s, only to disappear seemingly suddenly.

It has reached the point where I am the end PopSocket user among my friends. This is unfortunate because, as it turns out, PopSockets are amazing and I feel like a lot of people are missing out.

Firm grip on my phone

I have had PopSocket on each of my phones since 2015 and have never looked back. For me, they are a piece of cell phone security that is an essential part of my smartphone experience. As phone screens have grown over the years, the phones I’ve used have become increasingly difficult to hold with just one hand, but the PopSocket gives it a nice grip that I can firmly hold.

Two iPhone 12s leaning on top of each other with compatible Pokemon PopSockets.
Get a PopSockets partner with you.

Gone are the days of worrying about dropping my phone and shattering the screen into a thousand tiny pieces. Instead, I was able to breathe a sigh of relief knowing that the possibility of my phone being knocked out of my hand was essentially non-existent. This has freed me up in some respects, making traveling much more carefree when it comes to keeping my phone safe. In addition, PopSocket is much cheaper than a replacement screen.

When I was in college, I studied abroad in Australia and I was often on boats, docks and other places where a dropped phone could end up in complete disaster. I could take a lot pictures and videosyet knowing that my phone is securely held in my hands and that even if an unexpected wave or push comes, it won’t go anywhere.

Safe and secure

Such security is available to me only thanks to the convenient and quality construction of PopSockets. It’s because of how safe they make me feel that I was confused when they apparently left the public eye so quickly. For a year after their initial popularity, it felt like you couldn’t go anywhere without being offered a free extra PopSocket with the brand’s logo or brand plastered on the plastic circular support. Now, it seems that only the brand name products remain, but they are not on all phones as they once were.

I think the problem PopSockets encountered in its initial popularity was the fact that so many kno-offs were made, most of which were of much less quality than the official ones marked. This meant that many people’s only exposure to them was with cheap made-up extras that easily collapsed and lacked the security that PopSockets offers. As a result, many people may have been taken aback by the idea of ​​PopSockets in general, which is really unfortunate.

MagSafe PopSockets and more

Fortunately, PopSockets, the company, is still innovating on its initial ideas and continuing to produce new phone-grabbing products. The relatively new MagSafe PopSocket eliminates the need for a person to stick their grip in the perfect spot on their first attempt to magnetically attach the grip to the back of an iPhone with a built-in MagSafe. The MagSafe PopWallet combines the PopSocket hold with the popular wallet attachments that hold. credit cards and cash. La company even paired with Otterbox to make phones that have built-in PopSocket handles. There is no shortage of new innovations when it comes to hands-on phone security.

PopSockets is the kind of accessory I didn’t know I needed before I had them, but now can’t live without. I used to teach high school students after school and they made fun of my PopSocket, saying it was a handful of the past that no one uses anymore. While that may be true depending on who you ask, should that really be the case? Whenever a friend gives me his phone, I feel like I need to hold it with such care usually reserved for newborns because of how much the phone slips around in my hands.

The solution is simple, I tell them to get PopSocket and your days of worrying about shattered screens will soon be over.

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