Naoya Inoue vs Nonito Donaire 2 LIVE: Stream, latest updates and how to watch a fight today

<p>Naoya Inoue (left) defeated Nonito Donaire by unanimous decision in 2019</p>
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Naoya Inoue (left) defeated Nonito Donaire by unanimous decision in 2019


In November 2019, Naoya Inoue and Nonito Donaire squared off in a head-to-head bantamweight title battle at the Saitama Super Arena in Japan. Home favorite Inoue retained his IBF and WBA Super Zones with a unanimous decisive win over 12 rounds, and now the pair are returning to the scene of that glittering collision for a main event rematch with the straps on the line again.

Veteran Donaire (42-6, 28 knockouts) will also put his WBC title on the line, claiming the belt in his next fight after his defeat by Inoue. The 39-year-old Filipino responded to his loss to the Japense by beating Nordie Oubaali last May, then retained the gold with a suspension from Reymart Gaballo in December. Both wins came in the fourth round.

Meanwhile, Inoue (22-0, 19 KOs) has fought three times since beating Donaire, defeating each of those attacks by knockout to remain undefeated. The 29-year-old first saw Jason Moloney in October 2020 with a seventh-round stoppage, then required just three rounds to defeat Michael Dasmarinas last June. Most recently, Inoue stopped Aran Dipaen in December, securing the victory in the eighth round. Follow round-by-round updates of Inoue vs Donaire 2 below, plus live coverage and sub-card results.


Inoue v. Donaire 2

T Inoue vs Furuhashi – Round 8

T Inoue basically fought this whole contest by moving backwards.

He briefly competes on the front foot now, however, approaching and throwing bad hooks into Furuhashi’s ribs. This is better than T Inoue.

Again he is forced to move backwards, but he sometimes cuts a sharp top – and another! T Inoue seems to have regained his rhythm.

Furuhashi comes back to his favorite position, however, and launches a series of shots at T Inoue’s body and head!

Some great nod from T Inoue, though, to avoid a lot of those punches!

Alex PattleJune 7, 2022 11:29 p.m.


Inoue v. Donaire 2

T Inoue vs Furuhashi – Round 7

Again Furuhashi throws a suit at T Inoue’s body, which seems to slow down a bit …

T Inoue is looking for a counter-attack to fend off his opponent, but it is wide of the mark.

There is a short pause in the action as T Inoue seems to be at the acceptable end of a random low blow.

The round resumes, and T Inoue shoots off a chic one-two to Furuhashi’s head.

Right upper cuts and left hooks land for T Inoue now. They were his best blows of the battle. Good end to a difficult round for him.

Alex PattleJune 7, 2022 11:24 AM


Inoue v. Donaire 2

T Inoue vs Furuhashi – Round 6

The pattern of the battle continues when we reach the midpoint of the attack.

Lots of energy and enthusiasm from Furuhashi, and he finishes the round with a good combination.

Is he slowly transforming this into the kind of contest he wants? He may just be …

Alex PattleJune 7, 2022 11:20 p.m.


Inoue v. Donaire 2

T Inoue vs Furuhashi – Round 5

Furuhashi picks up where he left off in the fourth round, unloading quick hooks into T Inoue’s abdomen.

T Inoue finds some space and makes Furuhashi walk on a sharp sting, though. The pair hold each other close, and Furuhashi throws a pair of overcuts inside.

Again, however, he steps on a piercing spike after the super-bantam weights part.

Furuhashi still eats lead overcuts, too. He did not make any clear adjustments to fend off that specific fist.

Again he throws hooks at T Inoue’s body, however, refusing to wither.

Alex PattleJune 7, 2022 11:16 AM


Inoue v. Donaire 2

T Inoue vs Furuhashi – Round 4

More of the same from Furuhashi, who comes forward but is mostly on the receiving end of punches.

A short left hook ties for T Inoue and draws a remarkable reaction from the crowd.

One-two, T Inoue’s left hook. Furuhashi responds with probably his best so far, however, mixing shots with – you guessed it – T Inoue backed up against the ropes.

Alex PattleJune 7, 2022 11:12 AM


Inoue v. Donaire 2

T Inoue vs Furuhashi – Round 3

Another upper cut lands for T Inoue.

Furuhashi chases him and presses him back to the ropes again, but T Inoue’s counterattacks are right now.

A short right hand and a left hook up seem to hurt Furuhashi! Then a brutal right hook to the body.

Three right top cuts in a row from T Inoue now! Wow! He lands them at will.

Alex PattleJune 7, 2022 11:08 AM


Inoue v. Donaire 2

T Inoue vs Furuhashi – Round 2

T Inoue’s heavy right hook, followed by a powerful left hook! A good start to the circle for Naoya Inoue’s younger brother.

Furuhashi comes forward but steps on a sting before the super-bantam weights briefly buckle again.

Top right cut, left hook combination of T Inoue! It is partially blocked but still effective. So much speed on screen.

Alex PattleJune 7, 2022 11:04 AM


Inoue v. Donaire 2

T Inoue vs Furuhashi – Round 1

T Inoue with a nice cutter with his back against the ropes.

Now lead left a top slice in the left hook – a beautiful job.

Furuhashi presses forward, again holding T Inoue against the ropes, and throws out a set of shots!

He starts with stabs then releases a variety of shots to T Inoue’s body.

The couple wins but are soon separated. Furuhashi intervenes for a heavy sting but misses the mark.

Inoue slips another shot and touches Furuhashi with his right hand.

Alex PattleJune 7, 2022 11:00 p.m.


Inoue v. Donaire 2

T Inoue is 15-1 (3 KOs), while Furuhashi is 28-8-2 (16 KOs).

At 26, T Inoue is eight years younger than Furuhashi.

Alex PattleJune 7, 2022 10:50 AM


Inoue v. Donaire 2

The card will start with Takuma Inoue against Gakuya Furuhashi.

T Inoue WBO Asia Pacific’s super-bantamweight title is on the line, as is Furuhashi’s Japanese title.

T Inoue is the younger brother of Naoya Inoue.

Alex PattleJune 7, 2022 10:49 AM

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