Paris-based C12 Quantum Electronics raises € 8.2 million to develop its “unique quantum computing technology”

Based in Paris C12 Quantum Electronics builds quantum processors powered by the most basic material. It claims that its processors will solve very complex problems for the industry – beyond the reach of any classic. supercomputer.

C12 Quantum Electronics Funds Seed Fund

In a recent development, the company announced that it had raised $ 10 million (approximately $ 8.2 million) in its Seed financial round led by 360 Capital, along with bpifrance (Digital Venture Fund), Airbus Ventures, BNP Paribas Développement and famous BA including Octave. Klaba (founder of OVHCloud). In addition, grants were also provided by Bpifrance and the Ile-de-France Region.

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Nader Sabbaghian, General Partner at 360 Capital, says, “We believe that C12 Quantum Electronics has a real opportunity to overcome the significant production challenges that have kept the revolutionary promise of Quantum Computing.”

Use of the capital

According to Matthieu and Pierre Desjardins, twin founders, “This circle will help accelerate the development of the company’s unique quantum computing technology. C12 Quantum Electronics’ pioneering innovation uniquely uses carbon nanotubes as the building blocks of its quantum processor. The company’s high-quality material minimizes errors and radically improves performance. Our quantum processor will have an unlimited range of applications, from optimizing transportation and logistics to transforming healthcare. “

Proceeds from this round will help the company expand its team with technical programmers and engineers. In addition, the finance will also enable the company to establish a high-tech pilot production line, as a step towards the commercialization of the technology.

Building on the achievement of these first milestones, the startup aims to grow a range of quantum accelerators ready to be integrated into classic supercomputers, as well as designing application-specific processors within the next five years, for example for optimization and quantum chemistry needs.

Quantum computing with carbon nanotubes

The company was founded in January 2020 by Matthieu and Pierre Desjardins, along with scientists Takis Kontos, Matthieu Delbecq and Jérémie Viennot.

C12 Quantum Electronics is developing reliable quantum processors with carbon nanotubes to accelerate highly complex computing tasks with the help of a skill developed at CNRS and the Physical Laboratory of the École Normale in Paris. The startup’s technology drastically reduces the error rate, making the platform a prime candidate for noisy mid-scale quantum applications.

C12 Quantum Electronics Technology

The quantum industry is still looking for the perfect quantum processor, the core of a quantum processor. Defects in the quantum material limit the fidelity of quantum operations and the ability to have reproducible, large-scale production.

Image Credit: C12 Quantum Electronics

At C12 Quantum Electronics, a cubit, the fundamental functional unit of a quantum computer, is constructed of an ultra-pure carbon nanotube, suspended over a silicon chip containing control electrodes and a quantum communication bus. Its carbon nanotubes are composed of isotope-purified 12C carbon atoms that have zero nuclear spin, thus minimizing kbit decoherence.

According to the founders, the quantum industry is still looking for the “ideal quantity”, and there is a remarkable consensus across the scientific community that material scientific successes will be needed to build a scalable quantum computer. Carbon nanotubes will help scale quantum computing “Silicon for classical computing. The continued development of materials will help to cultivate the emergence of this new industry.”

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