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Director Justin Folk knows that people would rather avoid the very busy conversations related to the cross-community.

He is one of them.

That’s why he initially refused to direct “What’s a Woman?” Matt Walsh’s documentary deals directly with the subject.

“I wasn’t so interested at first,” Folk says with a laugh. “Oh, how do you do that?”

After Walsh shared his vision for the film Folk warmed up to the task. The author “Johnny the Walrus” would ask basic questions to various experts on the subject. No hectare or raised voices. Just quiet, reasonable questions to learn more about the playing topic.

“His method and approach is what got me started,” says Folk, who previously directed the 2019 documentary “Unsafe Spaces,” which explored the decline of free speech on university campuses.

“What’s a Woman?” finds Walsh crossing the country, and even touching down in Africa, asking doctors, activists, and tribal leaders the titular question.

And, in most cases, fail to hear a response.

The Daily Wire production also features two female athletes who say their hopes were dashed when they competed against trans-females.

“They’ve been training all their lives, they’ve worked so hard … and someone is coming, a biological male, and they’ve easily beat them,” he says.

One of the athletes is shown in the dark, her voice distorted to protect her identity. People were happy to give her that anonymity.

“Once you’re marked as a hater or a mustache, it can really affect opportunities for you in the future,” he says of the critics, as “Harry Potter” author JK Rowling, routinely receives.

People say the two cross-related issues that are causing considerable debate involve sports and a bathroom.

“Some feelings have to back down for the feelings of very few,” he says. “It’s a clash of rights … whose rights have priority here?”

“What’s a Woman?” is available exclusively to Daily Wire subscribers, but the film’s reach could extend far beyond the site’s cyber walls, he predicts.

“It’s going to have a major impact … There’s a lot of word of mouth on this issue,” he says. The film’s trailer is approaching 7 million views in just two weeks, for example, and the title tended to Twitter during its premiere. Moreover, Folk says Walsh may lead the documentary on a university tour in the coming months.

“What’s a Woman?” offers a secondary theme beyond its alert premise.

“How do you talk about things, how do you solve problems if one side closes the other side?” he asks. And, as he learned during the production of the film, people are longing for more conversation on the subject.

“[Matt Walsh] represents a lot of people in how they feel about it … it gives people some courage to be able to talk more, “he says.

The film’s debut on June 1 on The Daily Wire, however, did not go as planned.

The site has suffered a “continued” DDoS attack, temporarily preventing website subscribers from accessing the world premiere presentation. Such attacks feature a swarm of robots accessing the content at the same time, overloading the systems as a result.

People predict that similar challenges will greet “What’s a Woman?” in the coming days.

“People just don’t want this movie to be seen,” he says. “It really shows the point that when they disagree with you, they want to shut you down.”

The other reason Folk didn’t take the opportunity to direct “Woman?” People understand that dealing with this material could have personal and professional consequences.

He finally decided to take that opportunity.

“If I keep telling the truth and keep making movies fair, even if people disagree … they really appreciate that kind of storytelling,” he says.

Helming “What Is a Woman?” could trigger his left-wing Hollywood peers, diminishing his chances for future gigs. His recreational lawyer set him straight on that front.

“That ship has sailed for you, comrade.” You did ‘No Safe Spaces,’ ”Folk recalls the lawyer said. That documentary was stuck both liberal critics and recreational media to accept free speech principles and co-star conservative speaker Dennis Prager.

“This is my niche,” he says. “My job is to tell the truth. If I can do it effectively and fairly, no matter what closed doors appear, I may not want them to open, ”he says.

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