Place, Place, Place in Bristol ends in heartache after searching for a couple’s roller coaster

A couple’s tearful journey on a property show Loko, Loko, Loko ended in heartache tonight after they found their dream home near Bristol.

Wednesday’s episode (May 25) saw Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer try to help two new couples from outside the city settle in Bristol and find their eternally homes. The program referenced the city’s “lightning-fast market” where Bristol has seen a 25 per cent rise in house prices over the past five years, suggesting buyers will need to act quickly to get their perfect property.

La Channel 4 The show focused on two couples: Sue and Samira, who were looking to move from London after 30 years, and Josh and Anna, first-time buyers hoping to live south of the river. Sue and Samira were firm at £ 280,000 as their absolute maximum price while Josh and Anna were persuaded to aim higher than that to seal the deal.

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Kirsty at first seemed unconvinced that the Londoners could get something that met their demands for that budget. First shown a house in Brentry, the couple raised questions about whether a more suburban neighborhood would be inclusive and whether they would be accepted for holding hands in public.

They were unsure of the location but later in the episode, a two-bed apartment inside Clevedon for just under £ 300,000 stole the hearts of Sue and Samira. They were concerned about being 13 miles outside the city despite house prices in the seaside town being on par with Bristol.

Channel 4’s Local Location was in Bristol this week
Kirstie Allsopp hurried through on you

“It’s sensational, I have a wonderful feeling in my heart,” Sue choked. “It’s beautiful.”

“They can be back in Bristol in 25 minutes,” Kirstie said.

After the good news that they secured the property, the couple’s dreams fell apart two months later when issues with their purchase were announced at the end of the episode.

“We had a mortgage pledge for a certain amount but when Samira went to the bank, they turned down that pledge,” Sue said. Despite Samira finding another lender the sellers then decided to stay and not sell. Despite their disappointment, the couple still expressed their gratitude to Kirstie for helping them with their search.

The other couple Josh and Anna were shown features at Ashton Gate, St. George and Bedminster, driven by their desire to accept a renovation project. Anna was skeptical about the St George area and was unimpressed by the £ 280,000 property despite its lower prices compared to the other areas.

Channel 4’s Local Location was in Bristol this week
Josh and Anna settled in Knowle

“I think it’s maybe too‘ suburbs ’,” she said. They were also shown a £ 265,000 apartment inside Bedminster that was well below their peak budget. In the end, it was a Victorian terrace house inside I know that earned them over which they managed to negotiate for £ 315,000.

But many viewers quickly suggested that both couple’s budgets wouldn’t reach them far in the Bristol housing market today. It’s not clear when the episode was filmed, but the average price of Bristol properties sold in 2021 was £ 359,969.

@ JoeStutter said on Twitter: “250k to spend in Bristol, they won’t find much.” While @demelcy commented: “Bristol prices as bad as London”.

@ missrjevans82 joked: “LOL at these couples looking for houses in Bristol. You sweet, innocent fools. Everyone knows you know you need half a mill in the bank and no work so you can spend all day in Right Move. ”

One person, however, could not believe how expensive the couple’s budgets were, comparing it to what you could get in Birmingham for a lower price. @ btodd_13 said: “Looking at a place, a place, a place and it’s crazy for me that someone is looking for a 2-bed house, not too big a project and a decent garden and they look around 400k, we bought the same with a massive garden in a decent area of ​​Birmingham for 185 …. “

Location, Location, Location of Channel 4 is on Channel 4 on Wednesday at 8 p.m.

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