Richard Madeley of ITV Good Morning Britain loses his temper at a “rude” guest for not answering his question

Richard Madeley did not stop when he struck a guest Good morning Britain as ‘rude’. The presenter was back at the helm of ITV’s news program on Wednesday morning with Charlotte Hawkins.

During the first hour of the show the couple discussed the latest news headlines with the help of commentators Kevin Maguire and Andrew Pierce as well as the show’s resident doctor, Dr Hilary Jones.

Among the stories discussed were that of Sir Keir Starmer and Angela Rayner, who received questionnaires from the Durham Constabulary while the force investigates a meeting held in party offices during a lockdown. Both the Labor leader and his deputy said they would retire if police fined them.

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It comes after Sir Keir was caught on camera drinking beer in a Member of Parliament’s office after a day of campaigning for the Durham municipal elections in April 2021. Mrs Rayner was also at the event, dubbed by some as a “beer gate” after the Downing Street “partygate” investigation into locksmiths.

After discussing the latest development, Richard and Charlotte were joined in the program by the Shadow Secretary of State for Scotland, Ian Murray live via a Westminster video link. Richard, 66, wasted no time in asking the MP about the current inquiry into Sir Keir and Mrs Rayner.

“You guys need a ‘beer door’ like a hole in your head, don’t you? It’s perfectly calibrated ammunition for [Boris] Johnson fired back every time Sir Keir tried to get him to “Partygate,” Richard began by saying. Mr Murray said he “didn’t think so” before adding; “I don’t think we should do anything. False equivalents with the industry-wide celebration that took place in Downing Street as highlighted by the Metropolitan Police and the Sue Gray report.”

Ian Murray was on the ITV news program

He went on to echo Sir Keir and Mrs Rayner’s account of the meeting in question before praising his “integrity” for agreeing to withdraw if he is found to be in breach of confinement rules. Richard then asked, “Who will take over?”

Mr Murray avoided the direct question and began by saying that Durham police had received charges and it was a “duty” to investigate. But as he went on, Richard intervened and talked about their guest. He said, “I’m sorry, but you’re telling us what we know. The question is, who would take over if Sir Keir were fined and obeyed his promise and resigned?”

“Who will be the next leader of the Labor Party?” he added before Mr. Murray, again, failed to directly answer the question. Interrupting again, Richard asked who would be the leader of the Labor Party. “Come on … look! It’s an uncomplicated question. If you don’t want to answer it, that’s fine. Just say, ‘Don’t ask me that question Richard because I won’t answer it.’ “

Richard was not happy with Mr. Murray’s answer

He continued: “The spectators at home can hear me ask a question and they can hear you give an answer to a question I didn’t ask. It’s just a courtesy. I’ll ask you politely one more time if Sir Keir Starmer. Is it a possibility because he is being fined, who do you think will take over? Who are the runners and riders for the leadership of the Labor Party? “

Richard then smoked, “If you don’t want to answer it, say you don’t want to answer it. Don’t give me an answer to a question I didn’t ask. It’s just rude.” Having his chance to answer, Mr Murray said: “I think it’s also rude to interrupt when I’m trying to answer the question.”

But Richard intervened again and said; “You’re not answering the question, so I’m interrupting.” As Mr. Murray tried to speak, Richard shouted; “No, I’m sorry! I’m interrupting you, sir, because you’re not answering the question, and I’m going to interrupt anyone, from any party, who isn’t answering the question because that’s my job.”

He tried one last time with the “simple and polite” question Mr. Murray said; “It’s not something we’re considering right now, because we think the allegations that were made against Keir Starmer about Durham and ‘beergate’ are false and he followed the rules.”

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