Ricky Hatton explains how he did a remarkable body transformation when he swapped midweek pennies for prepared meals to train for a comeback against Marco Antonio Barrera.

Ricky Hatton explained that changing his bad habits made him look in his best form for a decade while his exhibition fight with Marco Antonio Barrera threatens.

The assassin will return to the ring to confront the legendary Mexican on July 2nd at the AO Arena in Manchester and the transformation he made to lose the pounds was nothing short of remarkable.

Hatton's body transformation was remarkable

Instagram – @rickyhitmanhatton

Hatton’s body transformation was remarkable

Speaking to talkSPORT’s Fight Night, Hatton revealed that he stopped showing off his physique for the first five weeks of training because he wanted people to really see the difference.

“I did five weeks of training, I did my first five weeks of training without showing my face or anything like that,” he explained.

“I thought I would be able to go into training, get training, set a goal, a few goals, put my regime in a place like I did before and for my own well-being.

“It’s well documented how I’ve suffered with my mental health over the years with drinking, drugs getting heavier and just wanting to kill me.

“I wanted people who might have struggled during confinement to say‘ do you remember what state Ricky was in? Look at him now! ‘ and that’s why I left it for five weeks without putting my face on a poster. ”

His transformation certainly amazed people. Hatton made self-deprecating jokes about his own weight during his career and that humor was often reflected in his entrances to the ring.

Hatton looks much slimmer

Ricky Hatton – Instagram

Hatton looks much slimmer

But now, Hatton has made decisive changes to his daily life to make sure he can feel good again – and he plans to continue to feel that way.

“I think it’s a life-changing moment, I want to stay away [bad food and drink]. I said that all the way through my career, but when I was younger I used to live to go to the bar every night.

“I’m 43 now, I’m not going to the bar in the middle of the week. My weekend is to train my boxers, to do my own personal training. If I can stay on my diet like I did, with the good meals, my prepared meals and having some treats on the weekend, there is no reason. [why I can’t].

“But since I live on my own and I can’t cook, you can imagine some of the crap I ate in the middle of the week.

“So I would do my training, but then I would eat junk and go out at night for a few beers. I went nowhere, so I was the way I was.

Hatton made memorable entrances to the ring such as wearing a fat suit

Hatton made memorable entrances to the ring such as wearing a fat suit

“It’s all about life health and I get a lot of satisfaction when family and friends come up to me and say ‘Oh, Rick, you look years younger and better.’

“Why would I want to go back to old Ricky Hatton now?” I’m 43 now, it was okay when I was 26 and you think, don’t worry, I’ll get rid of it. Can’t get rid of it at 43 so easily. I hope this is here to stay. ”

At his peak, Hatton was one of Britain’s most popular boxers.

Despite making his allegiance to Manchester City clear and going out to Blue Moon, he did not alienate United fans.

When he fought Floyd Mayweather in Las Vegas in 2007, he took thousands of fans where you would be forgiven for thinking you were in Manchester, such was the noise made.

Now he’s back and maybe he’ll allow himself a special treat if he beats Barrera.

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