Stephanie Davis reveals the depths of her addiction that spiraled after a CBB stint

Former Celebrity Big Brother finalist Stephanie Davis, 29, revealed the gigantic number appearing on the Channel 5 show she had on her fight against alcoholism.

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Stephanie Davis opens her struggle with addiction

Stephanie Davis opened up on her troubled past with alcohol following her time in the Celebrity Big Brother house.

The first Hollyoaks star placed second on the Channel 5 show in 2016, and even finished in relation to an Irish model. Jeremy McConnell – who is the father of her son Caben.

However, the relationship soon became toxic, causing Steph’s life to spiral out of control.

In a post on social media yesterday, Steph explained how she would often turn to drinking to help “self-medicate” at the time.

The actress went into detail during a long video when she revealed her past problems.

Stephanie Davis opened her fight with alcohol addiction



Stephanie appeared on Celebrity Big Brother along with ex-boyfriend Jeremy McConnell


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In the video, 29-year-old Steph said: “From a young age I never agreed to alcohol. At 14, I remember being at a wedding and I couldn’t stop. I actually went around every table and took off the drinks. The adults and put them under table.

“I just wanted to get drunk the first time – I was removed. I got the bed wet and my mom tried to cover it with my father. You try to put it on to be young, but it never agrees with me. Was I born. So? Is it genetics? All I know is that I’m addicted. “

She continued: “It really started for me … people have different views, my father said it was in my early teens, around 17. For me, it really progressed when I joined Celebrity. Big Brother.

“I went in and my mother and dad said, ‘Promise us you won’t drink if you come in.’ But as soon as those doors closed I found the champagne. “

Speaking of her time after the show, Steph continued, “That’s when my addiction really caught up with me. I didn’t know how to deal with life and life turns. I used to self-medicate.”

Steph’s life spiraled out of control following her appearance in the CBB house



The former Hollyoaks star has been talking about his addiction fight on social media



Later in the clip, the former Hollyoaks star recalled an incident that saw her close to taking her own life.

After a stint in drug therapy, Steph explained: “I visited a hotel under a different name because I was going to kill myself and I didn’t want anyone to find me.

“My mom and dad were looking for me …

“Apparently they got the ambulance people, they broke into the room and I collapsed on the floor absolutely out of it.”

Meanwhile, Steph also captioned the post: “I’ve seen a lot of documentaries on TV right now about someone with a family member who is addicted or an alcoholic … but not actually from an alcoholic or drug addict perspective, how and why they are struggling OR with the solution on HOW to recover with a message of hope!

Steph turned to alcohol during his time in the famous house

“What I think is missing and VERY important to cross because there is hope out there and a new way of life free from the pain and misery of addiction! Me, my self was there and this is a short video of what it is. It was like for me then … and how it is now.

“I’m going to make another video more focused on mental health as well because I suffered with both at the same time very badly.

“I hope to help break the stigma of addiction and alcoholism and use my platform to help the person still suffering there. There should be no shame around this and by sharing my story, I hope to help others take the first step towards finding a cure and recovery. way of life. “

Fans flocked to praise the star, with one saying, “Just WOW. What a wonderful woman you have become. You have come so far and you deserve all the love and happiness to follow. You go girl.”

While another wrote, “Thank you for your honesty. I’m glad you’re well now.”

Steph couldn’t be happier with boyfriend Joe McKalroy and her son Caben


stephaniedavis88 / Instagram)

Steph claimed her relationship with Jeremy was “toxic”



It comes after Steph recently revealed she was teetotal for five years.

Now, the actress is in a caring and loving relationship with her boyfriend Joe McKalroy, 25, with whom she hopes to marry someday.

Speaking of how she spiraled after her time after CBB, Steph previously told New Magazine: “I started therapy after Celebrity Big Brother in 2016 when my life went to s ***. I was so low.

“I drank to death. I was so mentally abused and physically tortured. I was devastated. I was dragged to rehab by my mom and dad and they said, ‘Please help her because she’s going to die.’

However, discussing his new relationship, the star added: “We certainly can’t wait to have a family together.”

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