Swell of Tropical Storm Alex Heads to East Coast and Beyond

  • Tropical Storm Alex is now racing past Bermuda, becoming post-tropical
  • A fun shot of surfing early in the week for the U.S. East Coast
  • A solid swell at the end of the week for Ireland, the UK and Europe

Hurricane season has made its last start since 2014 after Tropical Storm Alex finally formed in the Atlantic on Sunday morning. And as the season slowly began, Alex took some extra time to spin. Before being named, the system crossed the Gulf of Mexico and the state of Florida as a Potential Tropical Cyclone One. But once it entered the Atlantic, nothing could stop it – the storm quickly intensified to 55 knots of sustained winds, accelerated northeasterly by more than 25 knots, and raced past Bermuda on Monday.

Even before it was called a storm, the system sent fun waves to Florida’s Panhandle and parts of Florida’s East Coast over the weekend. But it was after the storm got its action on Sunday and was able to get winds over water when it put a real shot of swell into the water for the rest of the East Coast.

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After starting in the Gulf of Mexico, Tropical Storm Alex escapes into the Atlantic on Monday.

With the storm now rushing into the sea, Forecaster Rob Mitstifer tells us when and how much of that swell will reach the East Coast in the next few days:

“Tropical Storm Alex is now fleeing the East Coast but we have seen some interesting observations of a buoy after its wake. Alex hasn’t quite fulfilled some of the model projections we saw last week, but part of its bulk is exceeding expectations. Look for the southerly swell heading to the Northeast to come a little stronger than expected on Tuesday with head-high sets for the top exposures and chest-high sets at the best locations. South side land winds in front of a cold front, however, seek to maintain conditions less than ideal for most places. While everyone is concentrating on the tropics, the best surfing and conditions for the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic come later in the week behind that frontal system and after Alex’s swelling is almost gone.

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“To the south, the Outer Banks are seeing head-high and better surfing delayed on Wednesday thanks to Alex and a mix of easterly waves. Shore winds are a problem the first part of the week but better conditions can be found mid-week in northern Hatteras via Virginia Beach when “Surfing is easy. Florida and the Southeast are seeing some mid-term swell along with fun windows of light winds and waves the next few mornings as the low tide sets. Even the Caribbean is getting some fun northerly waves, a rare June treat.”

Alex is expected to become posttropical sometime today [Monday] but that will not end its wavy days. As it races northeast and across the Atlantic, it will send a solid shot of early summer swell to Ireland, Britain and Western Europe early in the weekend. Winds are difficult for most areas, but some select areas, such as Southwestern France, could find double top surfing and decent conditions.

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