Sylvester Stallone replaces Schwarzenegger as The Terminator In Video

A friendly new deepfake video remakes The Terminator as ROOMBO, starring Sylvester Stallone as Arnold Schwarzenegger’s cyborg assassin.

Sylvester Stallone replaces Arnold Schwarzenegger as the star of The Terminator in a hilarious new deep fake video. Stallone was one of the biggest stars in the world in the early 1980s thanks to his iconic performances as Rocky and Rambo. But Schwarzenegger soon mounted a major challenge to Stallone’s throne thanks in part to his stellar turn in that of James Cameron The Terminator.

Schwarzenegger’s arrival on the scene naturally triggered a heated rivalry between him and Stallone. A box office performance ultimately favored Schwarzenegger, while Stallone was credited with creating more enduring iconic characters. Much later the two fighting superstars would set aside their rivalry to appear together in the somewhat memorable first three. Usable films as well as the completely forgettable ones Escape Plan.


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Now thanks to the power of deepfake technology there is a new collaboration between Stallone and Schwarzenegger. YouTube channel Ctrl Shift Face has created an updated version of The Terminatorridiculously titled ROOMBO, with Stallone replacing Schwarzenegger as the film’s famous cyborg assassin of the future. Not content to stop there, the deep fake creators also filled their video with funny cameos, including one by Schwarzenegger himself as a different character. See the clip in the space below:

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Indeed Stallone replacing Schwarzenegger as the T-800 is just the beginning of the fun in the new deep fake creation of Ctrl Shift Face. There’s also a funny look by Kanye West as the rubbish that testifies to Stallone’s arrival from the future in the film’s opening. The three punks a naked T-800 meets in the next scene are now played by Schwarzenegger’s trio, Jim Carrey and Brad Pitt, with Pitt getting his heart literally ripped apart by Stallone. The deep falso then deals with the scene where the Terminator kills Sarah Connor’s roommate and her boyfriend, with Shelley Duvall as the roommate and Mark Zuckerberg as the boyfriend. The action then shifts to the Tech Noir club where spectators are treated to short cameos by the likes of Bill Hader, Donald Trump, Paris Hilton, George Clooney, Matthew McConaughey and Steve Carell. And for the perfect headline, the deep falsetto will feature Willem Dafoe instead of Linda Hamilton as Sarah Connor.

Of course in reality Terminator film, Michael Biehn’s Kyle Reese rescues Sarah Connor just as the T-800 is about to put a bullet in her head. But in ROOMBO, there is no Kyle Reese to save the day (even if he was seen for a moment with Hader replacing Biehn) and Stallone’s assassin actually succeeds in doing what Schwarzenegger’s was unable to accomplish. So in this version of the Terminator universe, Sarah Connor never gives birth to John Connor and there is no one to fight the machines in the future. And of course is not infinite The Terminator franchise as well. Schwarzenegger may have defeated Stallone in terms of box office success in the 1980s, but at least in this alternate reality, Stallone proves to be a much more effective Terminator.

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Source: Ctrl Shift Face / YouTube

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