These devices will help your phone last longer

You are most likely reading this smartphone article and even if you are not, you probably still own a smartphone. The demand for smartphones is high and they perform many functions. They are not cheap and it may be unwise to replace them too often.

However, they are just devices and they can get worse or develop into problems if they are not properly maintained. One smartphone can be used as a clock, calendar, book, office, for calls, as a TV, as a kitchen assistant, for research, or for the Internet. The list is endless.

The purpose of this article is to make you aware of some devices that you can buy to support your phone. These devices help your phone perform better tasks and reduce the workload of your phone. Some of them improve the features of your phone so that you can use them longer without changing them.

Before we get into the list of devices, it is important to note that some users prefer to change their phone after a certain period or trend, while some people buy a very good phone and use it for a few years. No matter what category of phone users you belong to, these devices will help you make better use of your phones.


Phone holders are the best devices for smartphone users who aim to place their phones at a safe angle while doing some other activities like chores, bathing, cooking and so on. The phones would be close enough to be useful and properly held by the phone holder. while the owner does other things.

They come in different shapes depending on the particular use and they are really affordable. A phone owner could cost from N1,500 to N5,000 depending on the type. The more expensive ones, which are usually equipped with other features, can cost up to N10,000.

Screen magnifier

If you’re using your phone to watch movies, videos on YouTube, or any other video, a magnifying glass screen is a perfect device, especially if your phone’s screen isn’t that big. Instead of considering changing the phone or holding it close to your face and risking it falling out of your hands, a magnifying glass does the job and magnifies the screen once it is placed on it.

A screen magnifier could cost from N1,700 to N4,000.

Phone grabbing or popping

These are great if you find yourself in traffic frequently, mostly on public transportation or walking on the road. If they are fixed to the back of your phone, they help you hold the phone better and if there is a blow or you stumble, the phone will not easily fall out of your hands.

They cost from N500 to N4,000 mostly depending on the type, they could also be customized.

Telephone panel mat or car phone handle

These are for smartphone users who are also car owners. A telephone panel mat is a telephone handle for cars that are placed on the instrument panel. It can be very handy when the user is trying to use the map. Instead of holding the phone in one hand, the user can simply place the phone on the phone panel and easily follow directions. It can also be used for other purposes. The important factor is that it holds the phone in a vertical strategic position in the car.

It cost from N2,800 to N10,000.

Telephone camera lens

This is used by smart users who are also very interested in photography. Sometimes the camera quality of the phone you are using may not be as good as you would prefer and it may be tempting to replace them. Phone camera lens helps the user to have crystal clear high quality photos. Once they are placed behind the phone camera, they produce high quality photos.

They cost from N3,000 to N11,000.

Mobile game controller

If you like to play mobile games on your smartphone, this is for you. Mobile game controllers give you console control over your phone so you can play wherever you are. Some of these controllers, depending on the product, work with several popular cloud video game services.

They give you the feel of the game when you connect them with your mobile phone.

They help you enjoy more gaming without putting too much pressure on your mobile phone, thus making it last longer.

They cost from N5,800 to N60,000, mostly depending on your preference.

Mini portable projector

These are also perfect for smartphone users who like to use their smartphones to watch movies or videos. The projector projects the videos onto a larger surface, often a projection screen.

It costs from N14,000 to N120,000 depending on the product.

Camera shutter remote control

This is also best for smartphone users who like to take pictures and also for travelers and those who create a lot of content with their phones.

A camera shutter remote control helps its user take pictures without actually tapping the phone screen. The remote control can be connected to the phone and the phone can be placed in a strategic position, mostly on a tripod while the user presses the remote to take pictures at different angles without having to press the phone or be too close to it.

It costs from N13,000 to N40,000

Telephone tripod

This is perfect for smartphone users who like to create content and make videos. Tripod holds the phone in the right corner for the user to create content. It also keeps the phone steady so that it does not fall off and risk being broken or damaged.

It costs from N10,000 to N25,000 depending on the length and size.

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