Virus optical illusion puzzles that have stumped the internet over the years

In 2018, the internet discussed trippy audio clip that split the virtual world due to differences in hearing the name “Yanny” versus “Laurel”.

Earlier in 2022, an optical illusion crossed Twitter, pitting people’s brains and eyes against each other, using a set of numbers faintly shown above. spiral pattern.

If you are interested in expanding your nogin, here are ten puzzles and riddles that have gone viral in recent years.

Is this dress blue and black or white and gold?


Arguably the most popular optical illusion on the internet, this stump ignited a firestorm across the digital world in 2015.

What colors do you see? There is no wrong answer (unless, of course, you said blue and black …)

What do you hear?

This auditory illusion will continue to have people questioning their sanity / friendships until the end of time.

Can you hear Yanny or Laurel?

This is not a day at the beach

In 2019, Twitter user @nxyxm posted this confusing photo telling artists they might see “beach, ocean sky, rocks and stars” but it’s actually the broken bottom of a car door.

Take a closer look, it’s actually the cracked material of the bottom of a car door,

Dull shiny legs

@ leonardhoespams / Instagram

In 2016, an art student published a photo of painted legs that made them look shiny to some people.

The image went viral after the internet discussed whether it was covered in oil. The artist admitted that it was an innocent post of painted legs and that they are in fact dry.

Kendall Jenner’s missing legs

InStyle magazine published a photo of celebrities Kendall Jenner, Kylie Jenner and Hailey Baldwin coming together after the Golden Globes in 2017.

It almost broke the internet as people pondered why Kendall’s legs were missing.

Answer: They are under her dress.

More legs are missing

u / jr0d7771 / Reddit

This viral Reddit post has six ladies sitting on a couch but only five pairs of legs.

It looks like the woman in the middle is legless. What actually happens is her torso is bent and the torn jeans, black shoes and black socks belong to her.

The lady on the left holding a beer is wearing black pants and the second girl on the left has her legs hidden behind the first girl.

Look carefully, it will make sense.

These strawberries are not red

This image was created by a psychology professor at Ritsumeikan University who is studying visual perception. The pixels have been drained by all red and are in fact gray.

The result is a phenomenon called color constancy. If you have a few minutes, take it deep dive into it.

Another brick in the wall?

Arron Bevin / Facebook

This photo went viral when a resident of the UK Arron Bevin posted it to Facebook. A cigar is wedged between the bricks but the ash end of the stogie looks like a gray stone.

Do you see it?

Is she underwater or not?

maskari / Imgur

In 2015, a The Reddit debate is raging whether the girl in this photo was underwater or not.

The filtered light and squeaking makes it look as if she is underwater but she actually isn’t.

Do you see a number?

This optical illusion went through Twitter, pitting people’s brains and eyes against each other.

Twitter user @benonwine asked the platform, “Do you see a number? If so, what number? ”With numbers faintly indicated by a spiral pattern.

Reactions claim that the correct answer is “3452839”, and that the puzzle is in fact a test of people’s contrast sensitivity, a common test of optometrists to test people’s vision at night, in fog, snow or rain.

Thanks, internet, we don’t even know what’s real anymore …

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