Where Bread stars are now – from soap opera to Hollywood fame and tragic deaths

More than 30 years have passed since the role of Carla Lane Pano gave viewers a slice of Liverpool life that could only come from our city.

Come on in LiverpooIn the mid-1980s, the series focused on the devout Catholic Boswell family and first aired on May 1, 1986. And it wasn’t long before the ceramic hen of the title track and theme song sung by the cast became known. al. millions of viewers.

The street featured in the show was Elswick Street in Dingle. and ran more than eight series until 1991. One of the nation’s favorite sitcoms, Bread was written by the late Carla Lane, who sadly died in 2016.

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Spectators memories Memorable moments on the show, including Rita Tushingham’s guest appearance as neighbor Celia, Liverpool singer Sonia playing Adrian Ellia’s girlfriend, the family’s holiday to Italy for the 1988 Christmas special and more. But where are the stars of the show now?

After Bread, the cast was part of a variety of projects including Hollywood movies, theater tours, soaps and unfortunately, some of the legendary actors are no longer with us. Here, let’s take a brief look at which some of the characters later did.

Jean Boht – Nellie Boswell

Actress Jean Boht pictured standing on the doorstep during filming for the BBC television sitcom
Actress Jean Boht pictured standing on the doorstep during filming for the sitcom “Bread”, Elswick Street, Dingle, Liverpool, November 12, 1989.

Jean Boht played Nellie, the family’s matriarch and “hard love” mom to the Boswell clan. Frighteningly protective of her children, Nellie was a fan who demanded respect at her children’s kitchen table.

Wirral-born Jean’s career spanned the years of 1962, seeing her star in Some Mothers Do ‘Ave’ Em, Juliet Bravo in the mid-1980s, and Mothers And Daughters, in 2004. She also visited a soap opera, with appearances in Casualty. , Doctors, Holby City and The Bill.

She also appeared on stage with Jeremy Irons in Embers in 2006 and starred in Chris Shepherd’s award-winning short film Bad Night for the Blues in 2010. In her personal life, Jean, now in her 90s, married an American conductor. Carl Davis in 1970 and together they have three daughters.

Ronald Forfar – Freddie Boswell

Actor Ronald Forfar pictured on the set of the BBC television sitcom
Actor Ronald Forfar pictured on the set of the BBC sitcom “Bread”, June 18, 1990

Nellie’s adulterous husband Freddie Boswell was played by Ronald Forfar. Recognizable by his shock of untrained white hair and cheeky comeback, Freddie’s affair with Lilo Lil was a constant through.

Forfar previously starred in an episode of ITV spy series The New Avengers in 1976 and in the television series Airport Chaplain the following year. And after finishing Pan, he continued to have a prestigious acting career as well as becoming a novelist.

He went on to appear in Chucklevision’s Chucklevision several times between 1998 and 2002. Forfar lived in Normandy renovating a country cottage between 1996 and 2009, before moving to Paris and Kent in later years, but died at the age of 81 in September 2020.

Eileen Pollock – Lilo Lill

Actors Ronald Forfar and Eileen Pollock using a telephone in a scene from the BBC television sitcom
Actors Ronald Forfar and Eileen Pollock using a telephone in a scene from the sitcom “Bread”, November 11, 1990

Despite not being Boswell, Eillen Pollock’s character Lilo Lill was one of the most recognizable characters on the show. Eileen brought to life Lilo Lil, who was the “other woman” at Freddie Boswell’s wedding to Nellie between 1986 and 1991.

The Belfast actress later appeared in the film version of Frank McCourt’s 1999 book Angela’s Ashes and starred in Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman’s 1992 film Far and Away, as hostess Molly. And in more recent years, Eileen has turned her attention to the theater, appearing in a one-woman show Now I’m Sixty and in 2010 directed The Irish Wake of Paddy McGrath.

She also delighted audiences with appearances in many pantomimes – which she said fulfilled a childhood dream of hers. But in 2020, her family announced that she had sadly died at the age of 73.

Jonathan Morris – Adrian Boswell

Actor Jonathon Morris who starred in Bread revisits Elswick Street in Dingle
Actor Jonathon Morris who starred in Bread revisits Elswick Street in Dingle

Jonathon played Adrian Boswell, who stood out from his brothers as he looked to pursue a creative career. Best known for his role in Bread as Adrian Boswell, Boswell continued to act.

He presented the CBBC game show The Movie Game from 1991 to 1993, replacing Phillip Schofield and made appearances on the popular ’90s Channel 5 game show Night Fever. Prior to Bread, he previously starred in the short-lived ITV sitcom That Beryl Marston!

Born in Manchester in 1960, Morris also appeared in Beau Geste, Doctor Who, and Zenda’s The Prisoner and in 2005 he competed in the third series of Channel 4 sports-based reality show The Games. In 2012, he revisited Pan’s script on Elswick Street in Dingle before his appearance in ECHO Arena production of Sleeping Beauty.

Peter Howitt – Joey Boswell

Peter Howitt who played the eldest of the Boswell children, Joey, in Pan
Peter Howitt who played the eldest of the Boswell children, Joey, in Pan

Peter Howitt played the eldest of the Boswell children, Joey, until series five when Graham Bickley replaced him. The actor ‘s first notable roles were in the long – running ITV series How We Use To Live and in Emmerdale in 1985.

Peter later wrote and directed a romantic comedy and box office hit Sliding Doors with Gwyneth Paltrow in 1998, as well as J.Ohnny English and Dangerous Parking. He now lives in Vancouver, Canada, with his wife and family.

The writer and director recently paid tribute to Carla Lane’s pivotal role in shaping the show.. He said: “She wrote about five or six hits, always good, always funny. I flew all the way to Liverpool when she died. It was so important to pay homage to someone who changed my life. It changed all of our lives.”

Victor McGuire – Jack Boswell

Victor McGuire played Jack in Bread
Victor McGuire played Jack in Bread

Victor McGuire, of Tuebrook, played the lovely Jack Boswell in Pan and has since made notable appearances on both cinema and television screens. He later went on to play Ron Wheatcroft opposite Nicholas Lyndhurst in Goodnight Sweetheart and starred in Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, The Woman in Black, Dalziel And Pascoe, Casualty and 2point4 Children.

He also appeared as security guard Ian in the sitcom Sky1 Trollied, Casualty, Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens in 2015, and had a spell as Big Garth on Coronation Street in 2019. More recently, viewers spotted him in The Respondent and Kate and Koji.

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Gilly Coman – Aveline Boswell

Gilly Coman
Gilly Coman, who played Aveline

Gilly Coman played the daughter of Nellie Aveline, who was a rose among the thorns of her brothers in the Boswell family. At the center of one of Bread ‘s most memorable moments, more than 21 million viewers saw her Catholic character marry Protestant vicar Oswald in 1988.

The actress also starred in Brookside, Coronation Street and Inspector Morse. Tragically, the mother-in-law died in 2010 of a suspected heart attack, aged 54.

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Nick Conway – Billy Boswell

Nick Conway who played Billy Boswell in Pan
Nick Conway who played Billy Boswell in Pan

Youngest son Billy Boswell was played by Nick Conway. In the show, the character seemed to have a fight on his hands only to get to the most basic tasks – though not always through some fault of his own.

Nick has also appeared in Starting Out, Thank You Mrs Clinkscales, When Saturday Comes, Keep On Running and Juliet Bravo. The Shrewsbury actor has starred in episodes of The Bill, Doctors and Coronation Street as recently as 2010.

He has starred in many theater productions and currently runs a theater school. He is also a DJ and teacher.

Melanie Hill – Aveline Boswell

Melanie Hill attends the British Soap Awards at The Lowry Theater on June 1, 2019 in Manchester
Melanie Hill at the British Soap Awards at The Lowry Theater on June 1, 2019 in Manchester

Actress Melanie Hill replaced Gilly as Aveline on Bread and remained with the show until it was brought to an end in 1991. In her career, she was had starring roles in The Union, BBC drama Waterloo Road and in the film Stardust.

Currently, she is best known for playing Cathy Matthews on Coronation Street. But that was reported last month Hill left the role after seven years.

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Bryan Murray – Cousin Shifty

Rita Tushingham and Bryan Murray seen here during a break in filming the BBC's comedy "Pano" in Elswick Street, Dingle.  July 11, 1987
Rita Tushingham and Bryan Murray during a break in filming the BBC comedy “Bread” in Elswick Street, Dingle. July 11, 1987

Decades after Pan was released, some of the cast members spoke to the ECHO and considered making the show, their most memorable moments, and working with Carla Lane, one of the most celebrated television writers of her generation. Bryan Murray, now in his seventies, played the cousin of The Boswells Shifty, a role for which he won the BBC TV Personality of the Year Award.

He said: “When you meet Jean, the warmth she gives you is the equivalent of your mother. You are welcome home. Jean was amazing. “Bryan later went on to star in a variety of TV shows and movies such as Fair City and Brookside, Silent Witness and The Tudors.

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