Why Won’t My Phone Charge? 5 Corrections to Try

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Is yours iPhone or Android smartphone not loading when you insert it? Are you worried that this might be the end of your beloved device? Take a look at our troubleshooting checklist to get to the bottom of the problem.

Check the Charge Harbor

The charging port of your smartphone can be quickly filled with dust, rope and other debris. If the contacts in the port are blocked, the smartphone may not be able to charge properly because it cannot complete the required circuit.

Take a flashlight and carefully inspect the charging port. You can then use a sharp object as a wooden toothpick remove anything you find. Frequent plugging of a charging cable can cause the debris to become compacted, so you may need to repeat the process several times to clean it completely.

Cleaning the iPhone's Lightning port
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Using a metal object (as a clip or SIM tool) can damage the contacts within the charging port, so be careful if you decide to go that route. A wooden toothpick is much safer because it won’t scratch the contacts (and won’t damage any lining), but you’ll also need to be careful not to snap it into the port.

You should also be alert for signs of damage within the port of loading. It can be hard to know what you are looking for, but bent pins and corrosion should be pretty obvious.

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Try Another Cable or Adapter

If your charging port is clean and there are no obvious signs of damage, turn your attention to your charging cable instead. Check the cable for signs of shattering, and also look at the contacts near the connection point. You may be able to scrape any wire from the end of the cable, but defects and other damage are a sign that you should. replace the cable directly.

Just because a cable seems to be intact doesn’t mean it’s not to blame. If something goes wrong inside the cable because it is old or sustained damage due to pinching, it could affect the cable’s ability to carry a load. It is always worth replacing the cable to eliminate one possible cause.

The USB adapter may also fail, so consider swapping it as well. You also don’t need to use the same adapter, almost everything with a USB port should work including a laptop, smart TVor even your car.

If you find that the adapter is at fault, consider replacing it with one that supports fast loading. If you have a backup wireless charger around the house, you could also try charging using that.

Restart Your Device

Sometimes software problems can hinder the ability to charge from your smartphone. If in doubt, turn it off and on again. Modern smartphones have a fairly advanced charging circuit, which allows them to safely use more powerful chargers than those that came in the box (especially for fast charging).

Android Menu Disable Option

Because this is controlled by software, don’t rule out the possibility that restarting your device could solve the problem. Learn how restart your iPhone or restart Android mobile phone.

Wireless Charger Not Working?

Physical connections are prone to all sorts of problems such as debris and damaged connectors. Wireless chargers it may seem like a better alternative, but even they can run into problems. The first thing to do is make sure your wireless charger is turned on, especially if there is no LED indicator.

wireless charger
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Just like charging a cable, your wireless charger needs a cable and a USB adapter to work. You should try to exchange these to make sure they are not the cause of your problem. If you are using a case with your smartphoneconsider deleting it to test the connection.

If you’re still not happy, consider testing your smartphone with a standard charging cable. If nothing works, there may be a problem with the charging circuit inside your smartphone, which will require a more drastic solution.

Could It Be Water Damage?

Top smartphones now have some basics waterproof, often at a depth of about 1 meter for about 30 minutes. Going deeper than the estimated depth puts more pressure on the seals of your device, with an increased risk of water ingress. It is also possible that the water seals will fail completely. There is another reason that backup your iPhone or Android smartphone is essential.

Salt water poses another threat because salt can quickly corrode the charging contacts inside the port on the bottom of your device. You may even find salt residue inside the charging port, which may also interfere with charging your device. You may be able to clean corrosion with a pencil eraser or using white vinegar. It is a good idea to wash your appliance in fresh water after exposing it to salt water.

Water damage caused by liquid entering your device can very well affect charging, and will probably not be as easy to repair. You can try taking your device to a repair shop for inspection, where you can get an idea of ​​the costs involved in repairing your smartphone. In many cases, a new smartphone will be the most cost-effective way.

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