Zac Efron’s new film is now available on Prime Video in the UK

Zac Efron’s all-new survival thriller Gold now available to stream in the UK Main Video.

The film follows two wanderers, played by Efron and Beast Kingdom‘s Anthony Hayes, who finds “the largest orchard ever found” on a trip through the desert.

However, when Hayes Keith’s character goes back to town to secure the necessary equipment to dig up the gold, Virgil (Efron) is left to guard the gold for days and nights of bubble heat, voracious wild dogs and mysterious intruders, all while fighting. . the suspicion that he is left to his own fate.

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The film is set in the near future and the characters of Efron and Hayes are credited only as “man one” and “man two” in the thriller, while Susie Porter also stars as a character known as “the stranger and the stranger’s sister” .

The Australian-produced film was directed and produced by Hayes, and was based on a previous film he co-wrote with Polly Smyth. It was first released in Australia in early January and later premiered in US theaters earlier this year before gaining a British home on Amazon Prime Video.

When Gold was first announced, Hayes described it as “a tenacious and timely story of greed, humanity, who we are, what we have done to the world and where we are going if we are not careful”.

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“Having Zac Efron as my main man in this film is an absolute gift,” he said (through Deadline). “And to see what he’s already creating is like nothing we’ve seen from him before. I can’t wait to deliver this bold, visceral and cinematic film to audiences around the world.”

Efron also currently stars in the Stephen King adaptation, Fire extinguisher, the resumption of the Drew Barrymore-directed 1984 film.

It follows Andron de Efron and his wife Vicky McGee – played by Fear the Walking Deadis Sydney Lemmon – as they try to save their pyrokinetic daughter Charlie from the clutches of a relentless agency.

The film, directed by Keith Thomas, premiered in theaters earlier this month dull reviews from critics.

Gold available for streaming Main Video now.

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